PS5 and the nerves to the surface

Dualshock 5 concept

Yes, at this point we are quite nervous about any type of information that has to do with the launch of Playstation 5, but this time the news goes in another direction. As we can see in a patent application registered in the name of Sony, the brand seems to have extra functions in mind for its control.

Until now we knew that the future Dualshock 5 It would include new vibration motors to offer a much more precise haptic response, in addition to having analog triggers and extra secondary buttons, but it seems that there could be a fairly striking new function never seen before.

According to the patent, the new command would have an optional accessory with a series of sensors capable of measuring the sweating of the hands and the heart rate of the player, so that this information could be used to directly modify the gaming experience. Being a patent, there is no confirmation that this function will be included in the new PS5 controller, so for now we can only imagine what they would be able to do with something like that.

What is a complement like this for? At the moment Sony’s intention is unknown, but the proposals could be very interesting, since it would be possible to take the gaming experience to a new level by taking into account personal values ​​such as the stress of a particular moment. Imagine that at the time of throwing a penalty in FIFA the pointing cursor moved more or less quickly according to your nerves.

An idea we already knew

A few years ago, Nintendo showed something similar for its Wii. With the name of Wii Vitality SensorNintendo proposed a sensor with which to control the heart rate of the players and thus modify game parameters based on the heart rate. Unfortunately, the project did not come to fruition, and after announcing the idea, it was never heard of.

Anyway, although the patent shows diagrams and sketches of an coupling designed for the Dualshock, the document also speaks in a final section about virtual reality viewers, so this sensor could be destined rather to the future PS VR viewer, and not in control, something that might even make more sense if we think about how it could play with the virtual experience of the player.