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Waze gets new notifications that will give you more security this winter!

Despite major improvements presented by Google Maps over the past few months, the large community created...

Huawei P40 Pro. This could be your rear camera design with five

Huawei is one of the biggest contributors to raising the 'game level' of smartphone cameras in recent years. Great examples of this are the...

Umidigi Z2: Video shows us in more detail the back of the smartphone

Umidigi is preparing another smartphone to enter the market strongly. This Umidigi Z2 will be one...

Video shows EMUI 10 changes with Android Q on your Huawei

The EMUI 10, which initially will not come with Android Q (which will be updated later)...

What if Fortnite had never happened? It was almost canceled!

With Fortnite's unparalleled success over the past two years, it is almost impossible to imagine the world of video games today without the popular Battle Royale. However, that was about to happen, according to Rod Fergusson – Production Director of Epic Games in 2012.

During an interview, Fergusson revealed that "if he had stayed at Epic, he would have canceled Fortnite." At the time, it was still far from the end product we know today, and it still has the name "Save the World". While not revealing great details, Fergusson said it was a project with too many 'challenges' to solve.

Fortnite was 'on the verge' of being canceled

The current studio manager in charge of developing the new Gears of War for Xbox continues to be approached several times about this event.

When asked about the possible regrets of leaving Epic Games, aside from Fortnite's success, your answer is simple. "If I had stayed at Epic, the game they love would never have existed."

Fergusson revealed that before leaving Epic, he repeatedly tried to cancel the project. For the millions of Fortnite fans around the world, their decision to leave Epic Games was a 'blessing' that enabled the 'birth' of one of the most popular games ever.


Who would be the 'King' of Battle Royale games?

If Fortnite had never been released, it seems obvious that PUBG would dominate this category. However, we will never know if the popularity of Battle Royale mode would reach current levels without the giant boost from Fortnite.

Most likely, without this viral popularity, many of the Battle Royale-based games would never have existed, as well as several adaptations made to some of the most popular FPS games ever. For example, BlackOut mode in Call of Duty and FireStorm mode in Battlefield.

Big news will soon reach the competitive landscape

While Fortnite continues to have many millions of active players every day, its competitive edge has been constantly tarnished by controversy involving cheaters even in the final stages of their tournaments.

Considering the unbelievable amounts of money handled by the various competitive events organized by Epic Games, it is sad to continue to see your reputation affected by a number of loyal players.

For this, Epic Games brought to their team Nate Nazner, one of the founders of the popular Overwatch League. Its integration is unique to Fortnite's competitive edge. In addition to organizing and planning tournaments, one of their biggest challenges will be to finally wipe out the many 'parasites' that affect all competitions.

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