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What do we know about the shooting of The Witcher 2?

The Witcher 2, a long-awaited continuation

Just like we always talk about The Mandalorian it has been the big surprise for Disney +, The witcher can be considered as one of the great and unexpected hits of Netflix. Yes, it is true that the series was preceded by great expectation, a widely known series of El Brujo books and had opted for an actor with a pull for the leading role, but it is also true that the critics with the first chapter had not It was especially favorable from the experts and once it aired, the public was divided between those who had been a great disappointment and those who trusted that this would be a good product.

With luck for the red N the seconds “won” and is that as the days and weeks passed, more viewers signed up to enjoy the adventures of geralt of rivia, to such an extent that today it is one of the most watched TV series on the content platform and a safe value (as long as they don’t get out of the pot much) for the next few years.

The witcher

That is why it is important to understand the special interest in second season of the production. With the pandemic, the recording plans had to be modified but luckily the break did not last long and we learned weeks ago that the actors had returned to work. Proof of it? The photos that come to us from the filming set, thanks to which we have also been able to see many familiar faces and some others that we did not have on file.

Images of the filming of season 2

Peter Lau, a worker from the area where the series is filmed, the medieval ruins of Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, England, has uploaded a good amount of Photos of the actors in full recording break.

In them we can see several of the actors such as Anya Chalotra, who is in charge of giving life to Yennerfer, Therica Wilson-Read who plays Sabrina or Lars Mikkelsen who gives life to Stregobor. There is no sign of Henry Cavill, our dear Sorcerer, but it is still entertaining to see the rest of the cast chatting in a relaxed way, dressed in their medieval costumes and with a coat and a cup of coffee in hand.

The Witcher - filming

Image by Peter Lau / Facebook

Among the characters that have most attracted the attention of fans is Cahir. The official of the Nilfgaardian empire appeared last week in other leaked photos with the appearance we already saw in the first season, but now you can see that he has a thick beard. This leads, for example, to the people of Redanian Intelligence to the theory that Cahir will be prisoner after the Battle of Sodden (the one we saw at the end of the first season), hence his appearance so changed and disheveled.

The Witcher - filming

Image by Peter Lau / Facebook

We also have, as we noted, the presence of people unknown, as a supposed magician who appears in the same photo you have on these lines (in which we can see Cahir, Yennefer and Sabrina).

For his part, Cavill has been in charge of publishing his march on the location of Yorkshire on his social networks. It coincides, as indicated, with the confinement of the United Kingdom, so the rest of the scenes, in principle, will continue to be recorded in the studio.

We will see with so much change and confinement how long the premiere of this season lasts …


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