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EntertainmentBox welcome you to another post on our Android TV box buying guides. Today we are going to discuss a little bit here. What we can do with an Android TV box. and for you that are over there and you and you and you. That is thinking a Robert this is too basic. It is not, I do get a lot of these questions and for you that are there at the end. You were one of the hosts and asked the question because everything is so necessary for us that are used to the Android TV boxes experience. But for someone that never heard of anything like this, and then someone suggests hey, why don’t you get an Android TV box. and it says what in that. So it’s a fair question.

Guys, the most accurate answer or the best answer that I usually give on this scenario is, that if you already have used an Android phone or an Android tablet then basically. What we can do is precisely the same that we do with a phone or a tablet. But in this particular case will be on the box transmitted to our TV. So we will have a big screen using our Android experience now.

Android phone or a tablet 

That is a very simplistic way to explain what we can do with an Android TV box. I’ll give some examples in a few moments. But for those of you that are entirely new basically, this is it just grab an Android phone or a tablet and imagine that if you had what you have on a tablet. If you have tablets on you and if you have your tablet or your phone. Just imagine that you can do precisely what we have here or very similar but on your big-screen TV. So this is the potential we can do a lot.

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Millions of applications

Now let me start by giving you an example which is the Play Store. If we open the Play Store, we have millions of applications that we can install on our tablet on our phone or our Android TV box. and have in mind the previous video that we shared which was Android TV OS versus pure Android. Now I’m talking about pure Android which will give us access to the full Play Store, and once we have that access, then we can install any app that we want. I’ll give you guys a few examples but feel free to leave down below on the comment section the apps that you guys used on and on your Android TV boxes. Hopefully, probably we can get another video with some of the comments that we get on this one.


What can i do with android tv?

Best Apps that you can use

Now starting with some of the best apps that you can use, we can read our emails. We can use, for example, a straightforward thing which is Facebook. And let’s imagine just for a second that you are on your living room and instead of looking at a small screen such as this one you want to watch Facebook the videos and the pictures of your friends on your big-screen TV.

That is awesome; you can do that, of course, probably your wife or your husband, your kids and source will not enjoy the experience. But the freedom to be able to do it is just great. Instead of using a small screen such as this but if you prefer to use a small screen for privacy. I can also understand that. Now, this was just one example, but the apps that I use mostly is Kodi for example even Netflix Plex YouTube that is that kind of apps that are a targeted at the TV experience, and those are great to use.

Play Android games

But we can also do something which is to play Android games. Now those games that you are used to playing on your Android phone. Which Android games have come a long way since the beginning at this moment. I can enjoy some games, and my kid loves them on the TV experience. That feels like a console with actually attractive graphics. So this is one of the things that you can do.

And if you use a gamepad as I’ve shown here on the channel and I will leave some links down below then the experience feels light a console to play these Android games. Which some of them aren’t nice and of course one of the advantages here of using an Android TV box as a gaming console. Which is something completely different is that most of the games, fortunately, are free to play. Of course, there are ads and things like that, but they are free to play.

cheaper solution of a console 

So if you have kids at home and you want to get a cheaper solution of a console, of course, it is limited to the Android gaming. And we will talk about just in a few seconds of another type of gaming, but we are limited to this-this kind of Android gaming . Which is limited, but it might have been in excellent and especially if we have in consideration that it’s free. Now I was talking in just a few seconds ago about gaming. And I would like to add something here which is the ability to game stream. And but the question is that’s on a little device such as this one I can place on the living room, for example, and then have my computer at the office. If I press the start button on the software that I use on my Android TV box.

I can play a game on the TV that my PC is pushing it on the office. And this is one of the things those that follow the channel know that I’d love to do this because it is just a huge potential there is a small device on the living room that it’s able to play the games or to stream the games from the PC that it’s somewhere else. the Only thing that we need is a network connection, by the way, a secure network connection and that’s it.

Lots of situations

So as you guys can see, there are lots of situations that we can use. One more than I could have here is to browse the web mainly if we use a wireless remote. Which will give us the sensation of touching the screen of a tablet but in this particular case we will be moving the screen over TV. And we can browse the web we can search around and so on on the big-screen TV, so basically, this is the way that I use my Android TV boxes.

But of course, depending on the individual that we depend on the apps that we love to use, I would like to hear some of the apps that you guys use your favourite apps. and so forth and for those of you that are new to this world hopefully this video, in particular, will help you to have a better notion of what we can do with an Android TV box and that is it guys hopefully it was useful

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