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Westworld: Season 3 Will Illustrate The World Of Sillicon Valley

Westworld: Season 3 Will Illustrate The World Of Sillicon Valley

The original HBO Westworld series saw its first two seasons focused on the realistic robot-filled theme park, ready to serve visitors to their every wish. The series received the third season trailer, where we see an expansion of the world of the series.

The trailer shows us the new character, Liam Dempsey, introducing his revolutionary company called Incite. Unlike previous seasons, the action will take place outside the park, presumably focusing on Dempsey and his mysterious company.

Dempsey mentions Sillicon Valley, a region in California famous for being the location of the world's largest technology companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Pixar and many others. The fictional Incite company seems to offer a revolutionary solution to every problem in the world.

Truth be told, the trailer seems to have some nuances of the Black Mirror series. This fiction series shows us isolated episodes telling stories where technology can be harmful or overly in control in these lives. Noteworthy are the episodes "Nosedive", "15 Million Merits" and the famous "Bandersnatch".

New characters will join the series

In addition to the aforementioned Liam Dempsey (played by Jefferson Mays), we will have the addition of Scott Mescudi, Lena Waithe and a name you will probably recognize: Aaron Paul, known for playing Jesse Pinkman, in Breaking Bad.

Westworld has gained a great deal of attention for its complex themes like interpretation of consciousness and even getting involved in some existential and religious themes. The series is based on the 1973 film of the same name, where one of the theme park robots becomes aware and begins to question everything around them.

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