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We tested the Xiaomi speaker: better than the Echos?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker, video analysis:

Minimalist design that fits anywhere

An important point of smart speakers today is the design, since, these teams have become one more decorative element of our houses.

The Mi Smart Speaker has a perforated metal body around its perimeter to let sound pass from inside, and is covered at the top and bottom by two plastic strips. At the top we find a haptic keypad that allows us to control what is played through it, in addition to having the typical mute button both microphones so that the assistant stops listening to us. How will we know when Google Assistant detects us? Thanks to the LED band that we have around the circumference of the body that, depending on its color, it will act in one way or another:

  • White: the assistant has detected the command «Ok, Google» and prepared to respond to our request.
  • Orange: the microphones are deactivated and, therefore, no matter how hard we try, the assistant will not respond to our commands.

A design that I personally like for its simplicity and that minimalist look that it gives it. In addition, since it is a speaker with a reduced size, although superior to the “basic” options of Amazon or Google, we can place it anywhere and it will fit perfectly where we put it. Of course, you must bear in mind that the speaker Xiaomi smart phone is only available in one color: white.

Sounds good, but not for foodies

The power and quality of the sound is another of those fundamental aspects when buying a speaker. The Xiaomi speaker has a power of 12 W, vitaminized with output of HiFi sound Y professional DSDT settings. What does all this translate? Well, in that we will have a speaker with powerful records and a sound quality that meets a clear and sharp reproduction, without distortions.

One functionality that I find super useful about this device is the emission of stereo sound. Thanks to your Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, this equipment is capable of being linked with a second unit to separate emitting anything that we reproduce through it in stereo. Therefore, we will have the possibility of using it as an external sound system for our television, or enjoy a better musical experience at home.

Of course, as with other smart speakers, at least in the most “basic” models, these are not the right equipment for audiophiles looking for an outstanding listening experience. If you are a normal user, like me, everything you can play from this speaker will meet your expectations. But, if you want fidelity in the sound without losing the option of the assistant, you have other more interesting options such as the Amazon Echo Studio or Apple’s own Homepod.

A smarter home with the Mi Smart Speaker

As I have already told you during this analysis, we are facing an intelligent team that has the google virtual assistant. Therefore, with him we will have at our disposal all functionalities from other teams such as Google Nest:

  • Linking and management from the Home app on our smartphone.
  • Request information from the assistant using voice commands.
  • Have control of all the home automation of our house.
  • Make voice calls using the Google DUO app.

And before going on to talk about the strength of this team, I want to tell you about my experience using the microphones to invoke the assistant. Whether at a short distance or in another room, the speaker he has heard me without problems when saying the words “Ok, Google”, even playing music at the same time. Only on a couple of occasions has he asked me to repeat the command, or he has informed me that he did not understand what I was asking for, but this has been more anecdotal than worrying.

The highlight of this speaker: the price

We now come to the decisive section for anyone when considering acquiring a new equipment: the price. And I can already tell you that, in this case, you will have little doubt when you compare it with other alternatives.

To put you, this Xiaomi speaker has been released for 49.99 euros. A cheaper price than the rest of the alternatives, leaving the final comparison like this:

  • My Smart Speaker: 49.99 euros.
  • Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen): 59 euros.
  • Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen): 59.99 euros.

No matter where you look at it, we are talking about the fact that when we buy this speaker we are taking a team that, at least, is similar in quality to its competitors but, with a lower price. It is true that Google and Amazon devices, especially the latter, can find them on offer Throughout the year but of course, we still do not know what move Xiaomi will make in this case.

So now it’s up to you to decide which smart speaker to buy for your home. What I can tell you is that, after having tried this and its main competitors, it would be very difficult for me not to opt for it before a possible future purchase.


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