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We tested the Pokémon Masters! Meet the new Nintendo game

Pokémon Masters is Nintendo's new bet on mobile games. Developed by DeNA Co., this game combines various elements of the famous franchise such as battles, potions, attacks and some news. Here at EBox we can't resist trying it so here you have our first impressions.

In Pokémon Masters you're never alone

Rather than the classic game mechanics of a lone trainer and his Pokemon team, this game puts you on adventures with other players. In the beginning, you'll be approached by familiar guys like Rock and Misty, trainers of rock and water Pokémon, respectively.

pokemon masters
The Pokécentro is where you decide what to do next.

After a quick introduction where you choose your character's name and look, it's time to hit the road. You should then open 'Explore' and start your first mission on the island of Pasio. The game has animations like most recent games with some muted voices, although most of you will be shown text.

Once you get to the first city, you'll find trouble. It seems that a bunch of nasty trainers want to force the Pokémon world champion to fight their will. It's up to you to defeat the malicious trainers in your first battle.

The battle system is super simple and intuitive.

Even for those who have never played Pokémon, the Pokémon Masters system is quite simple. You have a power meter at the bottom of the screen with 6 gradually filling bars (like the elixir in the Clash Royale). Each attack can spend 3 or more bars and you should know the right time to attack.

Attacks are made in turns where you can tap to choose the desired target. You will be automatically attacked by the game's CPU so keep alert and take advantage of each Pokémon. It is also important to note that you can take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses, for example: Water Pokémon are weak against electricity Pokémon, so use your Pikachu!

poekom masters battle
Main battle screen in Pokémon Masters

Each Pokémon Has Special Abilities

In addition to the attack button, you have a button beside it to perform certain actions, depending on the Pokémon. In the case of Onix and Pikachu, you can use the potions to restore hit points. In Starmie's case, you can increase the special defense of all creatures in battle.

Additionally, you still have the so-called Sync Move. This is an extremely strong attack that can sometimes completely eliminate one of the opponent's Pokémon. You can make this attack only 7 actions during the battle.

Snivy's Sync Move, a Leaf Storm

The classic RPG elements are present

As with any RPG game, your Pokémon will gain experience points and improve their skills after each battle. You can even buy items to help you in battles or to help you get stronger faster.

The game obviously has in-app purchases but are optional. However, progress is likely to be very slow if you do not choose to spend real money on the game.

poekom masters
Your team members earn XP after each battle

In short, Pokémon Masters is a breath of fresh air from Pokémon Go and other similar games in the mobile world. The gameplay mechanics keep the classic style of beloved games around the world and it's a lot of fun. If you like Pokémon we strongly recommend that you install it on your device.

Try Pokémon Masters on Google Play Store

Try Pokémon Masters on the Apple App Store

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