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We tested the Omron EVOLV: the smart blood pressure monitor

A smart blood pressure monitor


Blood pressure monitors are an extremely useful and necessary tool for those who want to monitor blood pressure and heart rate. Many smartwatches include heart rate sensors, however they are not capable of identifying arrhythmias and other problems such as hypertension, and that is where this Omron product comes in.

The Omron EVOLV is a blood pressure monitor which is characterized by a series of very interesting features, since in addition to having a wireless connection with which to consult all the results from our mobile phone, it has a very compact design free of cables and tubes.

Its operation is so simple that we will only have to put on the bracelet and press a button. This is one of the most striking assets of this model, since it simplifies its use to incredible levels. The user only has to limit himself to closing the velcro on the bracelet and pressing a button for the reading to begin.

A very compact compressor

One of the details that this EVOLV hides is that it has an extremely small compressor that only works with four AAA batteries. This small built-in compressor will inflate the cuff to apply pressure to the arm and begin the measurement.

This inflation process takes about 35 seconds, and that will be the time that the device needs to do the reading in full. Through its small LCD screen we will see the results of systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, and immediately the data will be synchronized with our phone to keep a complete record of all our measurements.

The mobile application


The device can work perfectly independently, however, if we install the official application we can record all the values ​​to keep a daily control of our measurements. In addition, all these records can be exported to share with our doctor, since the device is clinically validated.

All data can be saved in the cloud with the help of the free account that you can create from the application itself, thus being able to keep your records safe no matter if you change your phone or if you lose it.

Things we miss

If there is something that we have missed in this device, it is the possibility of controlling various user profiles. It is a device that can be used by several members of the family, however, by having a profile configured, all the measurements made will be recorded to the same person. If the application and the team allow to choose between different profiles, we could have a more exhaustive control between different members of the family.

Is this Omron EVOLV worth it?


We are facing a device with a price a little higher than other solutions on the market, and even other models from the manufacturer itself, however, its extreme simplicity, compact size and ease of use make it a proposal that must be taken into account for everyone. Those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use blood pressure monitor, rank it as one of the best and most interesting smart blood pressure monitors on the market. Of course, thanks to the offers of Black friday It is available for a spectacular price of 69.99 euros, so if you are interested in getting it, there is no better time than now.


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