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We have already been able to see the Xbox Series X in smaller cloths

First images of the Xbox Series X

Directly from the NeoGAF forums and thanks to the CurryPanda user we get the latest leak related to the future Microsoft console. The images serve, in addition to confirming rumors about the number of ports available on the console, to ensure that the rumor that Paul Thurrot published on the console was true, detailing exactly how the ports were distributed on the back of the console. same. Taking into account the success, we can continue to rely on the tracks of Thurrott (as always), so we should add the latest clarification that has been published, ensuring that the published images of the console are completely real.

Regarding the central slot that appears next to the HDMI, some bet that it could be an expansion port where you can connect perhaps an NVMe unit, however, Brad Sams in Thurrott again emphasizes that the port has a high probability of being diagnostic, so it may not be present in the final design of the console. The question we ask ourselves, however, is Microsoft going to leave such a strange distribution in the ports?

Xbox Series X filtered

That’s where the images published by LetsGoDigital, in which you can see some very detailed renderings that imagine how the final design of the console will be without the famous expansion / diagnostic port, better reorganizing the ports and presenting a more optical distribution. But

Another detail that we can see thanks to the images is that the console will have a small lower step that will serve to raise it slightly from the surface. It may be simply aesthetic or it may help air circulation, although considering that the air intakes are in the rear, we may be talking about the first case.

A very final prototype

Returning to the mysterious diagnostic port, there is a topic that raises certain doubts. The filtered images today show a label that clearly states that the unit is a prototype that has not passed the appropriate certifications to be able to reach the sale. Knowing that it is a prototype, does it mean that the test and development units are different?

Normally these types of units have additional screens and buttons with which to control and debug the game’s errors, so either we are facing the final design of the console (which would include the mysterious port), or the prototype also serves as Diagnostic console because through that port you can control errors with extra accessories.

We would love to solve these riddles as soon as possible, but unfortunately we will have to keep waiting until Microsoft opens the peak. And by the way, there are those who bet that these leaked images are intended to annoy a supposed imminent announcement by Sony. Will these intuitions be right?

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