We finally know what the Xbox Series X slot will do

We finally know what the Xbox Series X slot will do

More storage for your console

Xbox Series X

Given how the games are growing in size and that the new generation will have much larger games because of the new resolutions and texture detail, it is clear that one of the new needs that will be born with the next generation of consoles will be the storage space . In the current PS4 and Xbox One we already started to depend on external disks to be able to install the entire game library, but now that services such as Xbox Game Pass allow us to install games in a massive way, an external hard drive of a couple of teras is something that comes from pearls to more than one user.

With the new PS5 and Xbox Series X The same will happen, however, we must take into account a very important detail that could limit the use of the classic USB hard drives that we have at home. And, the new consoles of Sony and Microsoft will be characterized by offering instant loading times thanks to the new SSD discs that will mount inside, so what will happen if we install the games on a normal and current USB disk?

For much USB 3.0 port that includes the consoles, the response time cannot be compared to that of an integrated SSD, so Microsoft could have taken it into account, and that is why there is the famous expansion slot.

One of the people who receives the most rumors and leaks about Microsoft is Brad Sams, from Thurrott.com It was his spies who successfully informed him about the distribution that the Xbox Series X connectors would have, and he himself assured that his little birds had not told him anything related to an expansion port, so he guaranteed that said slot was no more than a diagnostic port designed for developers.

The secret of the expansion port

Why would Microsoft design a prototype with a diagnostic port? That was the question we all asked ourselves and that invited us to think about something else, and that idea has been confirmed today finally thanks to the new information received by Sams. According to sources close to the project, the slot will serve to introduce some expansion memories which will increase the storage capacity of the console. Given that at first he denied the function, changing his mind so drastically only means that the information is indeed true and completely reliable.

If we look at the dimensions, we could clearly intuit that it will be an SSD type memory NVMe, components that offer spectacular performance in times of reading and writing (depending on the models, of course), so it would make sense that Microsoft would offer an adequate solution with which to maintain the performance of the memory integrated into the system. Thanks to this solution, users could increase the capacity of the console without being affected by a loss in system performance, especially in loading times, a peculiarity that will be one of the most outstanding features of the new generation.

An expensive accessory

The problem with this solution is that it will be expensive. These types of storage units are not especially cheap, so expanding the internal memory of the Xbox Series X may not be available to anyone. We’ll see what Microsoft decides to do about it, since it could launch a console with the right capacity to lower its price, and offer this extra storage solution with which to continue installing more and more games on your console.


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