We already know who paid $ 300,000 for the Nintendo Play Station

We already know who paid $ 300,000 for the Nintendo Play Station

An old acquaintance

arcade machines

Contrary to what we might think at the beginning, the person who succeeded with the maximum bid it wasn’t Palmer Luckey. The founder of Oculus seemed to have a privileged position due to his purchasing power and his known taste for video games, however, the father of virtual reality viewers has not been who has taken the console.

The prize has been taken by Greg McLemore, a person who, if you had never heard about him until now, from now on you will be more interested in his life. And is that Mclemore hit the ball of his life selling domains. In 1999 he founded Toys.com Y Pets.com, two very strong domains that ended up being bought by Amazon in those times of the bubble .com.

Thanks to these sales, McLemore was able to devote himself to what he likes most, and we are nothing more than collecting video games. To be exact, arcade machines and coin machines that circulated in the 80s. His collection began to grow so much that he got very strange and exclusive prototypes, hence the interest in this Nintendo PlayStation.

It also has a virtual museum in the form of a web page where you can see a gigantic collection of manuals, advertisements and documents related to the entire collection that it has, finding some documents as interesting as the diagrams of many recreational plaques.

What will happen to the Nintendo Play Station?

Taking into account that the majority of items in its collection are recreational and large machines with coin-operated mechanisms, the Nintendo Play Station is somewhat out of place in the midst of a technological dinosaur. But McLemore says he is thinking what to do to “not bury the machine in a closet.” According to him, his intention is none other than to share his passion for video games, and for this he wants to focus on the evolution of the games, from how the first arcades inspired video games, and how they later influenced innovation.

It may be that the new acquisition has its place there, so we hope it does not take long to show it to the world, since treasures like that are not seen every day.


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