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We already know what Finn means in ‘The rise of Skywalker’

What does Finn want to say to Rey in The Rise of Skywalker

Last Thursday, Episode 9 of Star Wars was finally released and with it an important stage closes within this gigantic universe. The rise of Skywalker means the conclusion of many things, a journey for many characters that ends with this last adventure.

That is why the central theme of this article becomes even more relevant. It turns out that at any given time, Finn is about to say something to Rey Just before being swallowed by quicksand, however, it never gets to verbalize what it is. Poe comes to ask him and Finn becomes elusive, and although all the spectators think that perhaps at the end of the film he will reveal it, the ex-stormtrooper never gets to say what it is.

Star Wars - Skywalker Ascent

If we knew that there is an upcoming movie, we might think that it is a small hitch or wink for the next film, however, being aware that this is the end, as we said before, we have no choice but to stay forever with the doubt … or not.

It turns out that a journalist and podcaster Star Wars fan had the opportunity to attend the special press pass for the viewing of the film and subsequent discussion with the cast and has echoed the statements of its director, J.J. Abrams, in which reveal what it is what Finn wanted to say to Rey. This is what he says on his Twitter profile:

As you are reading, Abrams has recognized that what Finn really wants to tell him is that he was «feeling the Force«, Something that is especially evident in this film as events happen and we see how even Finn is able to have forebodings in some moments of the things that are happening.

Many have come to think that what Finn wanted to do, seeing that he could die in quicksand, is to declare his love to Rey, however, later he regrets it and decides never to do so, seeing that Rey's head is clearly elsewhere (and in another person). Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Finn what he wanted was to share with his partner that feeling he was having and that characterizes both Jedi.

Star wars

Does that mean that Finn is called to train and be a Jedi? Unfortunately we will never know. John Boyega, the actor in charge of giving life to this character, already revealed that there is no possibility that he will return to the Star Wars universe, being a stage whose doors have already been closed for him.

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