Home Tablets Waze prepares to receive the voice of the Cookie Monster!

Waze prepares to receive the voice of the Cookie Monster!

Waze prepares to receive the voice of the Cookie Monster!

It is no longer the first time the "cookie monster" has given voice to Waze and will apparently return to the application. According to information, some users are already starting to see the voice of the mythical puppet as one of the possible voices to select in the application.

Still, it is worth mentioning that on this side I have not yet succeeded in activating it. I have already installed the latest version of the application, however, I still have no such possibility. This leads me to believe that it is a server update and will reach users gradually.

Waze Cookie Monster

How to change the voice in Waze Maps for Cookie Monster

You can check if you already have this possibility in the application's voice settings. As much as the application is not the same in all countries, languages ​​are always something that does not differ much. You have the possibility to choose a voice in a panoply of options.

  • Click the magnifying glass in the lower left corner
  • Click on the "settings" in the upper right corner
  • Go to "Sound"
  • Click on "Voice of Waze"

If Cookie Monster is already in your application it will show as "Cookie". However, you must note that the voice is in English only.

Alternatively you can record your voice

If you think your impression of Cookie Monster is better, don't wait for an application update. You can create your voice as the main voice in the app.

To do this, you just have to click "record a new voice" as soon as you are in the voice selection menu. I've done it for a while and I have to admit it was funny. I eventually changed because it turned out to be too distracting on the road.

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