Usually Google Maps receives features that have been in Waze for some time. But now the opposite has happened, and Waze has finally a novelty that promises to simplify your navigation.

Waze just received the so-called ‘track guide’. As you can see from the image, it shows you which lane you should take when leaving a motorway, for example.

This feature was being tested since April, and is now available. For now, it is only active for some Android users, but it will be a matter of days before it reaches everyone.

Travel suggestion also made it to Waze

Waze also announced a new feature called “Travel Suggestion”. The goal is to suggest places you might want to visit again, showing you how long it can take to get there. This novelty arrives on the platform in October.


Another feature on the way to Waze is called “traffic notifications” and promises to save the lives of many drivers. This is because it will tell you how the traffic is going to the most frequent destinations.

The track guide, the most important of the novelties, has already started to reach users. For those who use other services, it is good to see that Waze also knows how to replicate what is good from competitors … and Google partners.

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