Waze: Auto and Android smartphone app gets improvements (APK)

Waze: Auto and Android smartphone app gets improvements (APK)
Waze Android Auto smartphone application
Waze application for smartphone and Android Auto gets several improvements that you will enjoy!

Waze remains the favorite application for millions of users for their daily commutes, and much of that preference is due to its crowdsource base. Now your smartphone and Android Auto app has received a new update that brings several desired improvements.

Since its launch 10 years ago, Waze has presented itself as a navigation application that has its users based on its smooth operation. It is this social aspect that gives the application a unique factor that continues to win the 'heart' of users.

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However, even after being acquired by Google in 2013, the application still has some bugs and malfunctions. After all, there are no perfect applications, and with the implementation of new features, some bugs are always expected.

Waze app for smartphone and Android Auto gets bug fix update

Now the application has received a new update that brings some interesting improvements, both in the smartphone version and in Android Auto. Today, many cars arrive with Android Auto installed on their on-board computer, giving their users the ability to use various navigation applications.

Typically, users eventually choose between Google Maps and Waze. However, due to some bugs, the choice has fallen on the former. So far there were two strengths that made Waze much more effective in car switching, real-time incident warnings and the ability to use streaming services such as Spotify.

Waze Android Auto

Unfortunately, several users reported problems playing music via Spotify, eventually causing them to switch to Google Maps. In addition, route selection has also been inefficient, especially compared to Google Maps.

Now in this new update these issues seem to have been resolved. Along with the arrival of some design changes to make it easy to view important information.

Waze (Google Drive)

Cover art

Better than Waze just the most beautiful App for Android

Cover art

Regarding smartphones. One of the most common problems I came across was calculating the distance / time between point A and point B. For some reason I don't know. Just after I start moving, time and distance are correctly calculated, leaving me extremely frustrated.

Once again, it seems that this new update will resolve this issue. Finally, the smartphone app has been experiencing some issues with GPS signal reception on several smartphones, which should also have been resolved in this latest update.

So if you have not yet received notification to update your Waze. You can download it for free through the link above.

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