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Watch the first images of the Disney ‘Loki’ series

Loki, one of the most anticipated Disney + series

The Cinematic Universe of Marvel It’s not just limited to movie theaters. As we have told you many times, Disney goes for all also on the small screen, with a content platform that was released at the end of last year – and will do the same in UK in two weeks – and with a good amount of original content that will only make Disney + one of the most attractive catalogs on the television scene.

Among the proposals that the house prepares we can highlight the television series based on Marvel characters as is the case of Loki This project was announced with Wandavision Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, however, being the one with a later release date (in 2021), it is also the one with less information. Until today, of course.


In the networks they have begun to filter the first images of the filming, in which we can see our protagonist, Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. In case you get a little clueless, we talk about adopted brother of Thor and, on many occasions, his great enemy, a controversial character and considered by many an antihero – although he had his “good” moments – that he has enough charisma and history to have been considered to star in his own TV series.

What will it look like in the movie? Well, we already have the first clues.

Filtered filming images

As we pointed out, the first catches of the shoot have already been filtered through the network. They are not high quality photos, but at least they serve as a small snack for all those who are looking forward to the adventures of this Marvel character.

It is specifically four images. In the first three you can see Hiddleston in the rain, accompanied by a security group and dressed in normal clothes. The fourth image is, by far, much more interesting: it shows us the actress Sophia Di Martinom, who is wearing a clothes similar to Loki’s:

(Click on the images to see them)

This has blown all the alarms of the fans: is it about Lady Loki? Months ago it was rumored that Di Matinom would join the cast of the series, although without knowing which character would give life. It was noted that he could also embody Enchantress, although his dress in this leak makes us bet, of course, on the first theory.

We assume that there is still a lot to get out of doubt, unless another indiscreet look makes some other capture that helps confirm or discard these elucubrations.

Loki will also feature Owen wilson (Zoolander, Shanghai Noon) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Doctor Who), although his characters at the moment are also a true mystery.

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