The next big Fortnite tournament, only for PlayStation 4

Fortnite celebration cup

That Epic Games make specific distinctions and create an exclusive event for the players of a single platform is not new. Already in the past he did it and now they repeat strategy. Of course, the platform chosen this time is the Sony PlayStation 4.

The next Fortnite tournament will be held between February 15 and 16, it will be the Celebration Cup A tournament that only PS4 players can sign up for. And although it is something exclusive and not as massive as on other occasions that does not detract from it. If you don’t believe it, pay attention to the prizes of this cup.

In total there will be 1 million dollars in prizes, which will be distributed among the 4,000 best classified in the different regions. In order to participate and qualify for the prizes, the only requirements will be to have an account with level 15 or higher and activate the double authentication factor. If so, you can compete for a couple of three-hour periods that will be said days.

So, if you want to compete and you still don’t have that minimum level, you still have a few days to climb. Likewise, if you do not qualify among those 4,000 lucky, calm because still you can access other awards. Depending on the position you are in, you will have other rewards:

  • S you stay between fifty% of the best players in your region you will take an exclusive spray for the tournament
  • If you do it between 25% you will take a personalized peak
  • Finally, if you stay within the 5% you get a tournament suit from the best classifieds in your region.

Epic and its successful event strategy

PS4 celebration cup awards

The strategy of Epic Games with Fortnite is a clear demonstration of how to do things right. Ok, sometimes not as well, but in general they get what they set out to do. In the first place, Fortnite continues to attract new players, also keep those who have been playing for a long time and finally that these exclusive events serve to give prominence to specific platforms.

So you know, if you are or consider yourself good in the game it is clear that you should not miss it. It will be difficult to be the first, because surely the big ones will be present. But to qualify for prizes of $ 2,500 for the first and $ 200 for the last of the classified to opt for the economic reward is not bad. And if you are starting and not yet at level 15, you still have time to upload the ones you need to participate (with your PS4, of course).