Watch MTV Play Android TV Box App

Watch MTV Play Android TV Box App Today with a VPN


Watch MTV Play Android TV Box App


MTV Play – any show, anywhere, anytime!

listed provider and sign series provider episodes access video full episodessign provider . You’re a fan of Awkward, Geordie Shore, Faking It or any other MTV show? Then MTV Play may become your new happy place. It’s available on all of your devices and will be there wherever and whenever you’re in the mood to dive into one of our many worlds.

Any show!
Jersey Shore, Warsaw Shore, The Valleys, Teen Mom, RJ Berger, Are you the one, Catfish, we have them all and a whole lot more. Plus, you can watch the live MTV channel of your country, MTV Hits, MTV Dance, MTV Live HD and the MTV Mobile Music Channel directly in the app.

Did we mention that we’re anywhere already? The Smart Phone in your hands? Obviously we’re there! You have a tablet that got boring, after you finished this one game? Install MTV Play on it! Your brand new Chromecast? Sure thing! You’re reading this in your browser? Go to and check out our web version! You never used the Smart TV function on your new Samsung or LG TV? Guess what. You can install MTV Play on them!

MTV Play Connect

Being available on many standalone platforms is nice, but we’re upping our game even more. Each device is a screen and a remote! You can of course start an episode on your Phone and move over the web or TV later on. But you can also simply connect them. After logging in with the same account (free!) on more than one platform, you can simply connect them and push the video you’re watching from one device to another. And you always stay in control with your connected devices.
Free vs. Premium

MTV Play is a freemium app. This means the download is for free and you can watch a selection of episodes for free as well. If you want to see everything, you can unlock access to our full show library & the TV channels with a subscription (monthly/annual, can be terminated each month/year) or MTV Mobile. The latter one means, if you’re an MTV Mobile customer, everything in this app is completely for free for you. Yap, you’re welcome!


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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides a secure environment for everyday web use. Once you establish a VPN connection all of your online data (emails, instant messages, data transfers, online banking, web visits) pass through an encrypted tunnel.

A VPN helps with many things including “unlocking geo located content on your TV Box. By simply using a VPN for a pounds or dollars a month. It will unlock your Smart TV Box by letting you access content that may not have been previously available due to your location.

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