Fox Now TV Box App
Watch Fox Now Android TV Box App

Watch Fox Now Android TV Box App

 Watch full episodes of your favorite FOX shows the day after they air anytime, anywhere with FOX NOW. Never miss episodes of your Favourite FOX shows again with the Fox Now Android TV Box App.Sign in with your TV provider to watch all available episodes from the FOX primetime lineup – including ALL episodes of the current season for many shows. If you don’t see your provider or you don’t have one, don’t fret – new episodes unlock 8 days after airing on TV!If you are having trouble using the app, please visit our help pages with http address or contact FOX support at WATCH and BINGE the latest 5 episodes of our NEW shows – no TV provider required – including:• LUCIFER • PARTY OVER HERE • GRANDFATHERED • THE GRINDER • ROSEWOOD • SCREAM QUEENSPlus, watch episodes from more than 30 primetime FOX shows and specials – including the full current season for many shows as advertisements:• BROOKLYN NINE-NINE • EMPIRE • FAMILY GUY • GOTHAM • THE LAST MAN ON EARTH • THE SIMPSONSNo network logo is more recognized than the spotlights over the 20th Century Fox logo. From The Simpsons to Empire to Gotham Fox always seems to be streaming some of the most interesting content on television. As one of the only true “free” networks on the air along with the likes of NBC, CBS and ABC Fox is a staple of the american family home and has kept up with the times by offering several options to watch their content online.Here are several ways to stream Fox online, for free. Choose the one that’s best for you and your entertainment setup. 


Fox Now is the official streaming app of the Fox network. It’s available for all types of phones and tablets (well, most types!) and with that you’ll be able to watch any of Fox’s current programming. You won’t have access to any of their historical content like watching old episodes of The Simpsons online or anything but you can catch up on last night’s episode of Empire whenever you want. you’ll have to sit through the same commercials you would on your regular TV but at least you’ll have streaming access to all of Fox’s content. The other cool thing about Fox Now is that it has behind the scenes extras and features beyond what you’ll get on cable. So in a way, Fox Now is a better platform than just watching it on cable. Plus you’ll be able to watch Fox online anywhere, anytime.The Fox website also has full episodes for free. Check that out here.


Most of Fox’s series are available the next day on Hulu to subscriber members. For about $10 a month for Hulu Premium you’ll get all of the latest Fox shows online. I’m not sure why you would choose this option when the Fox app is totally free.Netflix has a bunch of Fox shows streaming on their platform but there are too many to list them all here. Family Guy and New Girl are both available on Netflix but with newer seasons reserved for Hulu and the official streaming app. You’ll just have to check Netflix for your favorite Fox show to watch online.


If the official Fox streaming app and Netflix and/or Hulu don’t get the job done for you there’s always the option to download complete episodes of Fox programs on your to favorite digital library. Amazon Instant Video, iTunes and Google Play are all great options for streaming series online. You’ll have to pay a few dollars per episode but at least you’ll have access whenever you want and the best part? No commercials.

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