Warzone, you can now download the free battle royale from Call of Duty

Warzone, you can now download the free battle royale from Call of Duty

A completely free mode

COD Warzone

Warzone is an additional mode for Modern Warfare that can be downloaded completely for free. Whether you have it or not Call of Duty: Modern Warzone, you can download Warzone without problems. Also, if you are going to play from PlayStation 4, you will not need PSN Plus to play, although if you do it from Xbox One, you will have to have an Xbox Live subscription.

The mode occupies slightly less than 20 GB if you have already installed Modern warfare, but if you don’t have it, you must download a package of no less than 80 GB.

The Battle Royale

But let’s go to the important. In Warzone you will be one of the 150 players that will parachute to the grounds of Verdansk in order to end all that crosses you ahead. The map is made up of many others that we had already seen in multiplayer mode, only now they are united to give life to an entire city in motion.

Think about where to fall with your parachute and immediately look for decent weaponry to defend yourself. But to all that you will have to add another problem. A gas cloud is invading the city, so you must move quickly to the safe area so as not to drown.

If you still have plenty of time to walk, you can also accept one of the many contracts that are spread across the map. You will be asked to hunt and capture any of the players on the map, which will be marked on the radar so you can capture them more easily. And be careful, that could also run against you at some point, so try to hide well.

The map is so large that we can travel by quad, SUV, tactical rover, trucks and even helicopters, but be very careful because you will be a very easy target to detect.

There is life beyond

And what happens when you fall in battle? Quiet, the game does not end here. Your character will be transferred to the Gulag. A prison for the fallen in which we will have to face another rival to life or death in order to return to battle. If you win, you will be parachuted again, but if you lose, your game will end … in part.

It will be the moment in which you will have to put all the hopes in the teammates that are still standing. During the game, in addition to weapons and contracts, you will also find money. This currency will be used to buy accessories, low streaks and even to bring back a fallen friend. So do not leave for loss as soon as they could request your services again.

Go for the loot!

As if that were not enough, in addition to the classic battle royale mode we can also enjoy a game mode called loot, in which we will have to raise 1 million dollars in 30 minutes. The team that gets the money wins, but of course, such a task will not be easy. As in the battle royale, 150 players will participate in the game, and those with the most loot will be marked on the map.

To secure your collection you can store them by leaving them in the delivery heliports and loading them in the helicopter, or using the money deposit balloons that you will find in the supply boxes or at the supply stations spread across the map. The first one to reach the million wins the game.

COD Warzone

These are the two game modes that have been introduced in Warzone. Remember that it is a free game that you can download from now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so do not hesitate to install it to immediately launch a parachute. Will you get the victory?


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