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You will be able to play PlayStation 5 from your old PS4

A PS5 inside a PS4 As you can imagine, the application requires that a PS5 be turned on with your profile so that it can...

Sony Alpha A6500 (ILCE-6500): the full review 2020

Less than a year after the launch of the A6300 (read our review), Sony is marketing its successor, the A6500. A step up in...

Samsung is thinking of ending the Galaxy Note line

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled on August 9 and may be one of...

Huawei Mate 10 will be the big bet for the US market

After we have advanced here that the Chinese technology would even be looking at the US...

Warzone will have a new map and is delayed until December 16

A delayed launch

Black Ops Season 1

The first season of Black ops cold war It should land on December 10, however, a last change will make the action not start until the 16, the day that will finally be the starting gun with all the news that will arrive completely free of charge to the game.

New Warzone Map

Black Ops Season 1

One of these novelties will be the Warzone map, since as confirmed by Activision, it will be a completely new one that will take us beyond Verdansk. In addition to the new war zone, the free battle royale will include more than 30 different weapons inherited from the arsenal of Black ops cold war, to which it will be necessary to add the different varieties that will appear.

And, finally, related to the battle royal, they have confirmed that a new Gulag experience will be included, so it will be necessary to see what surprise in the form of a second chance they do not have in store for this new installment.

Much more multiplayer

Call of Duty Cold war multiplayer

Unsurprisingly, the multiplayer mode will also receive some great additions. And it is that Activision catalogs this update as the largest in the history of Black Ops, with a large list of completely free additions that we will see to what extent the download package enlarges on the new consoles.

On the multiplayer level, new maps, new modes and playlist for 6v6 confrontations will be included, the return of Gunfight 2v2 in four new maps and a new large map for Fireteam mode. On a more noteworthy note, Black Ops II’s famous 6v6 Raid map will return in this first season.

Free packs for everyone

In addition, with the idea of ​​celebrating the arrival of the first season and, in a way, compensating for the delay, all those players who log in between the 8th and the 15th will later receive the packs Field Research Y Certified completely free of charge, so you better not miss the dates and turn on the console without fail.


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Apple sued for not removing Telegram from App Store

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There is little doubt about the label placed above 2020, classifying it as one of the...

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