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Apple has had better days when it comes to software development. Cupertino's company continues with theoretically...

Tesla Model X is the official transport of NASA astronauts! See the differences for the previous transport

The Tesla Model X was the car chosen by SpaceX to take astronauts to the launch...

Latest H96 Pro TV Dongle/Stick Firmware Download Android 7.1.1

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Do you make video calls on WhatsApp? Get ready for a design change

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Warzone turns into a nightmare for Halloween

A tribute to horror movies

Warzone halloween

Strange things are happening in Verdansk. A group of operators has commented on some strange events in the vicinity of the map, there is talk that a serial killer is prowling areas of the area, the appearance of a chilling (and smiling) a ventriloquist doll and several strange sounds that come out of some Warzone bunkers. What’s going on?

Warzone halloweenThe Haunting of Verdansk is to blame. This is the next special event to be held in the Call of Duty battle royale, and that is, from October 20 to November 3, the map will receive a new update with which to celebrate Halloween in style, since we will have the presence of horror film icons such as Jason from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even Billy, the dreaded ventriloquist dummy from the Saw saga.

Night comes to Verdansk

Warzone halloween

The Warzone map will be playable for the first time at night. This new game mode will be available in threesome mode and will allow you to do nightly infiltrations not without scares, since it is said that Billy the doll of Saw he will make his way by appearing on televisions we find around the map, not to mention the chainsaw killer, who will ring his work tool in the Krovnik fields.

But there is still more. Apparently, the souls of those who lost their lives in the Gulaj could appear in the form of a ghost train or ship, so don’t get too distracted and look for the moonlight, because in the dark you are a dead man.

With the idea of ​​being able to see in so much darkness, players will be able to equip their weapons with thermal optics to be able to see through the night, and thus be able to see rivals and all the dangers that appear.

Terrifying cosmetics

Warzone halloween

In order to motivate players, the event will offer a large number of extra accessories that we can get by searching for the so-called trick or treat boxes, special supply boxes that will leave extra equipment, with which to get special weapons projects and other accessories, but which will also randomly bring scares.

Warzone halloween

These scares could translate into serious complications, so be very careful when opening these boxes, since we do not know if they will explode by surprise or if they will send unexpected guests. All players who manage to collect the 16 individual rewards hidden in the supply crates will be eligible for the design for the Legendary Assault Rifle Project “Pumpkin Punisher”.

As always, there will be packs that can be purchased separately, this time the offer is quite striking, since we can dress up as Billy the Saw doll and even Jason from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can already get an idea of ​​their weapons and their special executions …

Warzone halloween

Zombies in the battle royale

Warzone halloween

Obviously the battle royale of always will remain intact, or well, it will maintain the essence, rather. The so-called Zombie Royale will be released, a very special mode that will incorporate the expected zombies. But it will do it in a very special way, since all players who die in combat will return to the game in the form of the undead.

Warzone halloween

Thanks to this new state, players will be able to continue helping their team thanks to the supernatural abilities they will have, enjoying greater speed, improved jumps, extremely lethal melee attack and built-in thermal vision.

When a player dies, they will leave a syringe on the ground, so the zombies will have to collect 2 syringes to be able to return to the world of the living and be able to continue helping their squad in human form.


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