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It’s over: Xbox Game Pass for PC doubles in price

Goodbye to the Beta period of Xbox Game Pass for PC Microsoft is finalizing details for the important launches that it has ahead with its...

Steam in trouble! Epic Games will open its online gaming store

Steam will have a major competitor created by the well-known Epic Games, creator of the Fortnite...

Apple says goodbye to Facebook Lite on the App Store!

Facebook Lite is a lighter version of Facebook, created for devices with low memory and performance....

MX10 RK3318 Android 9.0 KODI 18 4K HDR TV BOX 4GB/32GB

GBP 39.99 Free Shipping, Wholesale Price, MX10 RK3318 Android 9.0 KODI 18 4K HDR TV BOX 4GB/32GB WIFI LAN VP9 HDMI SPDIF USB3.0 Youtube Netflix - Balck

Warzone runs out of vehicles due to this disastrous bug

A walk in the suburbs

Surely it will have happened to you sometime in some other gigantic map game. You have decided to explore so much that you have run into the end of the map, and a warning as a world disaster warns you that if you do not return to the field in a few seconds your game will be over. The same happens in Warzone, since if you take a helicopter and decide to fly beyond the mountains, the message will appear inviting you to return to the game, or else your life will end.

Well, it seems that this limit control on the map has a very serious error. And it is not that it allows us to advance to infinity, no, it is that it causes the server to crash and ends the game for everyone who is playing in the game.

The funny ones on duty

The problem is that the bug started to catch on, and some decided that since they weren’t able to win a single game in battle royale, the solution would be to annoy all players by kicking them out of the game. To do this, these terrorists of the virtual only had to mount any vehicle present on the map of Verdansk and go directly to the limits of the map.

A very busy area for these misdeeds was in the eastern area, by the river, just after the bridge. If you follow the course of the river you will be able to reach the end of the map, and that is where all the players are expelled due to a server crash.

Warzone runs out of cars

Warzone Duos

Due to this serious problem, Activision has deactivated all the vehicles on the map while waiting to be able to fix the fatal error. This problem affected both battle royale and loot modes, so if you encountered any of these bored players, it was impossible to complete a game due to the fatal error that occurred.

Luckily, the company has decided to put an end to this problem, but while they fix it, the map has run out of transport vehicles, so you will only be able to take rides on the train. Without ATVs and helicopters, storming the stadium or exploring the bunkers will be more difficult than ever.

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Xiaomi presents the new range of smartphones Redmi K40

Xiaomi today presented (25) three new Android smartphones, the Redmi K40, K40 Pro + it's the...
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