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Warzone could receive an island in the next update

An island in Warzone?

The following information comes through a Twitter account that is dedicated to launching leaks and advance information of Cold War with the help of data mining and other similar practices. Well, in one of the last tweets of BlackOpsLeaks, The so-called Rebirth Island is named, a mysterious island that would be part of Warzone, but about which very little is known about it so far.

What is Rebirth Island?

COD Warzone

To understand the meaning of his name we would have to go to the Russian term Vozrozhdeniya, but let’s go by parts. If we review the information that Activision shared in the face of the next news of Season 1 that will begin with the integration of Warzone, we can see how as of December 10 the game will receive new content among which a new “experience classified in Warzone ”.

Warzone roadmap

This experience appeared in a mysterious way with many hidden details, and beyond a black and white image and a text with several hidden fields, the term could be seen … eniya Island. That broken word would be none other than Vozrozhdeniya, which means “rebirth”, and which would obviously refer to the Renaissance Island that we could enjoy in the Black Ops campaign and in the latest update of the Black Out battle royale.

Inspired by Alcatraz, it seems that this this island will bring surprises, however, we still do not know exactly how it will be integrated into Warzone or what type of event it will incorporate.

Standalone gameplay or new Gulaj?

Given the explicit meaning of the island’s name, it would be easy to think that this is an island where players must try to come back to life within Warzone to help their teammates again. However, being described as an “experience”, it would be more sensible to think that we are facing a new temporary mode that will disappear in a few weeks.

Even so, its mechanics are still a great unknown, although it would not be bad that it was an island where the fallen gather to accumulate a minimum number of deaths to be able to redeploy in Verdanks. A mini battle royale within a battle royale? That would be nice.


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