WARNING: Do you have an Outlook account? Change your password now!

WARNING: Do you have an Outlook account? Change your password now!

It was between January and March this year that this security breach occurred. According to Microsoft itself, several Outlook accounts saw some of their information compromised during this period.

At issue is the support agent credentials compromise for your email service. In fact, hackers were able to take advantage of this security hole to access the accounts of some of the Outlook users.


According to the report by the Redmond company, the compromised information includes email addresses, message subjects and folders. Therefore, you can rest assured that message content and attachments have not been compromised via this security hole.

Outlook has been compromised for over three months

The exploiters of this vulnerability were unable to steal any data from Login from users. Still, Microsoft advises all Outlook users to change their passwords as an extraordinary security measure.

The software giant says it does not yet have accurate account numbers affected by this vulnerability. In this sense, we do not know the real extent of the problem, but some users have already been notified by Microsoft about the problem.

In this notification the company regrets any problems caused by this security breach. In addition, it reaffirms its commitment to the security of user data. It also commits to strengthening its security mechanisms so that such a scenario does not recur.

This security hole is not the only case for Microsoft. In January 2017, a vulnerability was discovered on the company's servers that allowed several hackers across Europe to gain access to unavailable versions of Windows.

What should you do if you have an Outlook account?

There are not many medicines because "the harm is already done". However, we advise you to change your password. It also changes the password elsewhere if it is the same as Outlook.

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