Warning: Android smartphones at risk of malware when viewing a simple video!

Warning: Android smartphones at risk of malware when viewing a simple video!

The Android system is one of the most customizable and interesting of the moment, however, not exactly the safest we can have. Still, it's worth pointing out that Apple's isn't much better.

A new issue described in GitHub by Marcin Kozlowski states that Android smartphones may be at risk simply by opening a video.

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Youtube, Facebook and other platforms are safe

However, it is not any video. Videos on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others are safe. This is because the player can eliminate the existing flaw that can be injected with malware.

However, Gmail, for example, uses the native Android player. These may be at risk. The problem definition has not been described in detail. You simply mentioned that the vulnerability exists and that hackers could easily access your smartphone content with a simple video. Once the video is playing it executes a code that gives them access to the equipment.

Google already protected Android but there is a problem

Google has already released an update for this issue. However, as we all know, manufacturers take forever to update their patches that Google sends to Android.

So I would take my care, at least until I received the patch July security issue that should already fix the flaw found in the Android system's native player.

How to tell if your smartphones have been affected

Unfortunately there is no clear indication whether or not Android smartphones are affected. However, you can look for basic signs. Unusual slowness, unwanted advertising, or even over-normal internet spending.

If your device has any of these symptoms the best thing to do is to copy your contacts and SMS and pictures and clean your smartphone at the factory.

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