Volkswagen ID3. Tesla Model 3 rival may arrive ahead of schedule

Volkswagen ID3

The information is advanced by the website This Is Money, and shows that the first 35 Volkswagen ID3 all-electric cars will reach buyers as of March 28.

If this information is correct, it positively contradicts the predictions that the first deliveries of the vehicles will not start before the summer. It is good to remember that the Volkswagen ID3 is seen as a competitor of the Tesla Model 3, but that arrives in Europe for a more attractive price.

Volkswagen ID3

Volkswagen ID3 will have a base price of 30 thousand euros

Apparently, the ID3 will be sold for a price that starts at 30 thousand euros in Europe. This will be the value requested by the series model, which according to This Is Money will have about 420 kilometers of autonomy.

This big bet from the German construction company, will have three battery choices in Europe: 45-kWh, 58-kWh and 77-kWh. These will provide 328, 416 and 546km of autonomy, respectively.

Volkswagen ID3

You should bear in mind that this information has not yet been confirmed by the brand itself, and that the first units are expected to reach consumers only around summer.

As soon as these vehicles start to reach consumers, they will certainly mark a new era in Volkswagen’s history. In December, the brand already had a total of 30 thousand reservations across Europe for this model.

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