Volkswagen ID3. Tesla Model 3 rival launch may be delayed

Volkswagen ID3

The Volkswagen ID3 is one of the most anticipated trams in the near future. Their arrival in Europe is scheduled for the summer of this year, but that schedule may have to be postponed.

According to the publication Automotive News, Volkswagen ID3 is facing serious problems in its software. This scenario could even lead to the construction company having to postpone the launch of its new vehicle.

There will be about 20 thousand copies affected by an incomplete software architecture. If this is true, all of these models will have to be repaired manually in a post-production phase. A process that will require time, money and labor.

Volkswagen ID3

Volkswagen ID3 software was hurriedly developed

According to what is being advanced, the software for this tram will have been developed “in a hurry”. This will have caused that some elements of the system do not communicate correctly with each other.

To try to solve the problem, Volkswagen will already have more than 10,000 technicians working on the issue. It remains to be seen whether this vast team will be able to prevent a potential delay in launching the vehicle.

Volkswagen ID3 will have a lower price than the Tesla Model 3

It appears that the Volkswagen ID3 will arrive in Europe with a base price of 30 thousand euros. This will be well below the 48,900 euros requested by the base version of the Model 3.

The German manufacturer's electric car will have three different versions, offering a range of about 328 km, 416 km and 546 km. However, it should be noted that these data have not yet been confirmed by Volkswagen.

Although the Volkswagen ID3 has not yet reached the market, it is already gaining the interest of drivers. Until December 2019, the brand registered 30 thousand reservations for this electric being, in Europe alone.

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