Volkswagen CEO puts an end to rumors: “There is no agreement with Tesla!”

Hebert Diess Elon Musk VW Tesla

During the past few days, there have been many rumors and speculation about a possible deal between Tesla and Volkswagen, never having been able to see exactly what this deal could bring to both parties. The rumors intensified after it was confirmed that Elon Musk had traveled to Germany to meet with Hebert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen.

This meeting between the two CEOs resulted in a test drive of a VW ID.3, one of Volkswagen’s most popular electric cars. However, with the wave of speculation initiated by this video, Diess was forced to clarify the whole situation through social networks.

VW CEO left no room for doubt, stating that meeting with Elon Musk was purely informal

In the comment made to the video published where Tesla’s CEO is testing the VW electric car, Hebert Diess was quite direct about the various speculations that have been circulating.

To be perfectly clear: we simply conducted ID.3 and had a conversation – there is no agreement / cooperation to be discussed. “, Said Hebert Diess in the comment to his video.

To reinforce the idea of ​​a good relationship between the two CEOs, the comment was accompanied by a friendly selfie by Diess and Musk.

Hebert Diess Elon Musk VW Tesla

The rumors about a partnership between the two manufacturers are not just now, having gone through a very intense phase at the time when Elon Musk tried to make Tesla a private company. Allegedly, he even considered VW as an official partner.

One thing is for sure, Tesla’s many rivals in the electric car segment know that they are years away from their technology and, for customers, it will certainly be worthwhile if Elon Musk is willing to share some “secrets”.

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