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In this post, we will look at the new Voice Control Feature Entertainment Box are pushing to our customer’s TV boxes. Entertainment Box is always striving to keep our TV boxes at the front line when it comes to update and support, today is no different. We are going to be covering controlling your Smart TV box with voice commands. This is like having a Google Home, Amazon Echo or Siri Speaker device built into your TV, displaying the results on the TV screen. This is all possible through the Google voice command app and the New S77 Pro Remote with voice activation. Unfortunately, this will only work on a device that runs on the Android 6.0 or higher operating system. With the introduction of Google Voice activation, it’s now possible to use Android voice commands to control your TV box. Use OK Google to search for music, movies, games, or open applications. It is even possible to change the temperature of your home. (Nest thermostat needed)

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TV Boxes that support OK Google commands

Now, this only works with Android 6.0 and above, due to permission issues in TV boxes running Android 5.1, it not possible to get the Microphone to open when Google now app is opened. We will continue to look for ways we can get older devices to work with, OK Google commands. We are now testing a new way to upgrade the T8 V4 to Android 6.1, this will hopefully be completed by the end of the month.

OTA release Info for week 4th January 

  • T8 V Live (voice, EBMC 16.7)
  • Q and Q Box lite Live (voice, EBMC 16.7)

Other EBox devices that will receive an update over the coming week. so keep your eye on the OTA app.

  • EBox T8 V4 Live (EBMC 16.7, clean-up)
  • T8 V3s Live (EBMC 16.7, clean-up)
  • EBox T8 V3 Live (EBMC 17.1, clean-up)
  • T8 V2 Live (EBMC 17.1, clean-up)
  • M9 Live (EBMC 16.7, clean-up)

Youtube video how to setup OK Google

Entertainment Box Has put together one of their tutorial videos to aid you. Watch the video below, We have set up for the benefit of EBox users. You will see that the box we in the video for the demo is the T8 V5 one of the EBox leading devices it is more than capable of doing all tasks asked of it. The New S77 Pro remote is Also one of the leading Remotes with backlit Keyboard and built in Microphone makes these the two perfect devices to use in voice control.
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Set-up voice commands on a TV box the easy way

  • Open Apps
  • Click OTA
  • When prompted click wipe data and wipe cache
  • Once the device has restarted wait for your box to load the new Apps
  • Enable all permissions for the Google app: Apps/Settings/Apps/Google. Scroll down to permissions
  • Restart your TV box one last time
  • Complete you can now use voice commands on your TV box

How to set-up voice activation for Android Box: method 2

  • Open apps
  • Locate EBox store
  • Scroll down to Voice Tools
  • Click on the Google app
  • Once installed go to app settings
  • Enable all permissions for the Google app: Apps/Settings/Apps/Google. Scroll down to permissions.
  • Now you can enjoy a voice activated TV box

How to set-up voice activation for Android Box: method 3

  • Create a Play Store account
  • Download the Google App
  • Download Google Now Launcher
  • Install both apps
  • Enable all permissions for the Google app: Apps/Settings/Apps/Google. Scroll down to permissions
  • Open the Google app and agree to the T&C’s
  • you can now use the Google Now Launcher
  • Now you can use your voice activated TV box

How to use voice commands using the new S77 Pro remote.

We highly recommend using the  New S77 Pro Remote with built-in microphoneIt’s tried and tested to work flawlessly on EBox TV boxes. Some key features we would like to point out when using this pro remote.

What you need to know about voice activation

  • The New s77 will go to sleep if not used in the last 60 seconds (including the Microphone)
  • If the red light is flashing the Microphone is active.
  • When the control is in sleep mode, it will not respond to voice commands. (to save battery power)
  • To activate voice control at any time, hold down the search key on the remote side of the S77 (the magnifying glass symbol)
  • You do not need to hold any button down when talking
  • You can toggle the microphone on or off by pressing the microphone key, on the remote side
  • Once enabled, the microphone will stay on while the remote is awake.
  • If you want to active OK Google without pressing any keys, (by voice only) use the Google now launcher
  • You can wake the New S77 Pro up by pressing any button

Watch the how to use the new S77 Video below:

OK Google voice connected apps

OK, Google works best on a TV box when you have apps Google can index them and use them in search results. So, by having the Twitter app installed, you can post a tweet to Twitter. By having the Spotify or YouTube app you can search for a song or music video, if you have Netflix you can search for a movie or TV show by voice. The list below is only some of the apps and voice commands that you can use with OK Google.

List of OK Google Apps

  • Twitter post, example: “Post {my message} to Twitter”
  • YouTube search/play, example: “Play {name of song, playlist, artist} in youtube”
  • Facebook post, example: “Post {my message} to Facebook”
  • Netflix search, example: “Search {name of Movie, TV show} in Netflix”
  • Gmail send email, you need a contacts app installed, example: “send email to {name of someone in your contacts}”
  • Google Hangouts message, example “Send a hangouts message to {say a name in your contacts}”
  • Evernote make a note, example “Make a note with Evernote”
  • WhatsApp send message, example “Send a WhatsApp message to {say a name in your contacts}”
  • Pandora search/play, example: “Play {name of song, playlist, artist} in Pandora”
  • Google Music Play, example: “Listen to {name of song}.”
  • Flixster search example: “show me {name of the movie} in Flixster”
  • Shazam example: “Shazam this song”
  • Nest temperature control example: “set the temperature to {60} degrees”

Best 20 OK Google Voice commands for Android Box

Now you have a voice activated TV box it’s time to have some fun. We have put together 20 of the best OK Google commands that you can use on any TV box.

  1. Open (app name) example: “Open Kodi”
  2. Play PAC-man example: “Play Pac-Man”
  3. Search for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Movies, example: “Search {name of Movie, TV show} in Netflix”
  4. Questions what is, where, who, why, example: “Who is the fastest man in the world”
  5. Increase/decrease volume, example: “Lower volume”
  6. Change the temperature in your home, example, “Set the temperature to {55} degrees”
  7. Turn on/off Bluetooth, example, “Turn on Bluetooth”
  8. Turn on/off WiFi, example, “Turn off WiFi”
  9. Add reminders, example, “Set reminder”
  10. Post to social media, example, “Post Hello followers to Twitter

We are only giving you a list of 20 but there are 100s if not 1000s of voice commands

  1. Set alarms, example, “Set alarm”
  2. Send emails, example, “Send an email to Entertainment Box” (you need a contacts app installed for this to work)
  3. Go to websites, example, “Entertainmentbox.com”
  4. Send messages, example, “Send message to {someone in your contacts} with WhatsApp”
  5. Show me things, example, “Show me images of black cars”
  6. Check the Weather, example, “Is it going to rain today”
  7. Flip a coin, example “Flip a coin”
  8. Sports score, example, “Arsenal latest score”
  9. where is my package? (tracking confirmation must be in Gmail) example, “where is my package”
  10. Search Play Store for apps, example, “search Play Store for Entertainment Box App

Voice Control your EBox using OK Google Android voice commands

Google seem to have been stepping up their game with the voice interaction and there is quite a lot of talks going on in the forums now. You should keep up to date with voice interaction as it is far from dead but do not worry if you do not have the time as EBox follows everything closely and will keep you up to date.

Google Voice Control responds best on Android 6.0 or above

We have chosen the Google and Google now App to focus on as it works the best with our devices and responds to the user quite well. You can use the app in 5 different languages at once and has 100s of voice commands. Although it will depend on your device. Google now can be used with the Q-box and Q-box lite version also with our T8 V. These devices run on Android 6 and we have found it the most stable and responsive to date. Steps are in progress to find either alternative apps or support for our other devices that are not performing so well with voice.

This has more to do with microphone permissions within Android powered systems that are running under Android 6.0. Google Now originally released with Android 4.4 especially for the mobile phone industry as these already have a microphone installed.

New S77 Pro remote keyboard

If you want to use Google Now with your EBox then you will need to install a microphone or you can use the New S77 Pro-remote. We stock the latest version of the New S77 Pro-remote which is not only back-lit but also has a microphone button to activate the built-in microphone. You can use it with applications such as a voice memo or a dictation application. As these devices are more than capable of just being your media streaming device

EBox New S77 Pro remote leads the way Android operated devices

Using the Google Now App does not mean that you can install this and then command every action that you do within your device. However, it does make a great party piece. You will be able to open your EBMC or Kodi app. But you will not be able to go any further with this voice action other than to a file in your library once opened. The reason Kodi is limited in voice is there has not been any development within its system to allow this. However, this is due to change when Kodi 18 (Leia) is released as the developers have enabled voice and search integration which opens many doors for the open sourced media player.

Here we have put together a list of Google settings to use

  • Once you have installed your apps it’s a good idea to go to settings and allow all permissions for these to work best.
  • Tap . It’s at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Now Tap Settings.
  • Tap Voice.
  • Tap OK Google detection.
  • From the Google app switch to the On position. The switch will turn blue, which indicates that voice commands are enabled
  • Press the Home button  This will bring you back to the home screen.
  • Say “OK Google” into the microphone. The word “Listening…” will appear on the screen

Entertainment Box Demonstrate how fast they process information and enhance user experience

As we said earlier in this post we referred to how much Entertainment Box has the finger on the pulse when it comes to bringing you first-hand knowledge. We also made a comment of how Kodi had yet to catch up in the voice integration. So, as we have been preparing all this help for you to follow. Koying has gone and released his latest version of SPMC 16.7.0 and you can find all links to the various versions here for SPMC. You can also use our latest EBMC based on SPMC 16.7.0

EBMC/Kodi has voice search! can you can use voice search in EBMC/Kodi

Yes, it possible to use voice search in EBMC/Kodi. Koying has beaten Kodi to the finish line on releasing voice integration within his version of the open sourced media player also Known as Kodi. Koying known for his forked version of Kodi was the Android development part of the Kodi team before venturing off with his own version of Kodi called SPMC. Entertainment Box has their own build of Kodi and SPMC called EBox MC or EBMC. You can download the latest version of Kodi EBMC and SPMC here.

Final thoughts are,  the future sounds good for voice integration from Android developers

If you are thinking about buying a Google Home, Amazon Echo or a Siri Speaker and have an EBox TV box then you need to try this out first. The EBox can perform most of the same tasks including integrating as a connected home device? Using an EBox TV box instead of a Google home, Amazon Echo or a Siri Speaker has its own benefits. It is possible to use voice commands to search YouTube or Netflix for music or movies then play your choice directly on a TV. If you have a Nest thermostat it is easy to change the temper of your home with one simple command! “Set the temperature to 80 degrees”. The best bit is most people already have an EBox or a TV Box running on at least Android 6.0.