Vodafone, MEO, US or NOWO? Vote for the best mobile operator of 2019!

Vodafone, meo, us, nowo best carrier 4gnews

The EBox Awards have arrived and with them a new category. We want to know, in your opinion, which is the best mobile operator of 2019.

Vodafone, MEO, NOS and NOWO showed their value in 2019, so it's time to evaluate them. Which was the most deserving operator in 2019? Voting is open until January 11 and will be revealed on January 12.

The poll is right here below and you can also vote for the other EBox polls. We have categories like "Best smartphone of the year","Best Betting of 2019" and "Revelation Mark 20019 ".

Vodafone, MEO, US or NOWO! Vote for the best mobile carrier

What you should consider in this vote

Vodafone, meo, us, nowo best carrier 4gnews

  • Best Rate
  • Best coverage
  • Best mobile internet
  • Fewer reasons to complain

Please note that we are not talking about internet at home. We just want to know about the work of mobile operators.

Of course no operator will be perfect in all scenarios. That way you vote for what you consider a combo more interesting. The one you would recommend to a friend or family.

Vote for other categories

Best Smartphone 2019

Best Bet 2019

Revelation Mark 2019

Do not forget to vote in the other categories as well. This is the best way to show your contentment with a brand in question.

The only way we can congratulate the brand on the good year it had. The EBox awards are important to the public but also to the manufacturers. To understand what most captivated the UK’s public.

So with that sense of responsibility, don't waste any more time and give us your opinion on the above survey and all other surveys of the EBox 2019 Awards.


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