Vodafone, MEO, US and NOWO. Which is the best operator with NET and TV? (Poll)

Vodafone, MEO, US and NOWO. Which is the best operator with NET and TV? (Poll)

Vodafone, MEO, NOS and NOWO are primarily responsible for providing us with internet and television service at home. So every year we do at least two polls asking our readers which one is the best.

This type of feedback is important when choosing a new home service. It gives us a market insight and shows us the degree of customer satisfaction with a particular company.

Vodafone, MEO, US or NOWO? Poll below

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Vodafone has been strong in recent years as the leading company. However, MEO has already shown that it has consistently improved service and voting in the operator has increased.

NOS, in turn, has been the operator to stay in third place. Just now, even NOWO, it is worth pointing out that NOWO does not have the customer base that the other 3 offer.

Internet and television

Vodafone MEO US NOWO

In this survey we want your degree of satisfaction. Here we will evaluate the quality of the service, either in terms of speed or coverage. As for the television service, we are also interested in your opinion. Is zapping fast? How often are you upset about the slow service?

In addition to leaving us your opinion above in the poll, be sure to give us your opinion in the comments. Tell us your story. It will surely help future customers of this carrier.

In short, we want with this biennial survey to understand which is the best internet and television service at home. And only you can tell us how satisfied or not you are.

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