Vodafone, MEO, NOS and NOWO. What is the best operator with fixed internet and TV?

Vodafone, MEO, NOWO, NOS best fixed and NET operator

We are in the middle of the year and it’s time to understand how your fixed internet and TV service is doing. MEO, Vodafone, NOS and NOWO have been improving the service with each passing day, however, there can only be one winner in this survey.

We want to know your opinion. Looking at the fixed Internet and TV service, what is the best of these 4 operators in UK? Which one stands out the most? Take the opportunity to leave us in the comments some experiences of situations. Whether positive or negative.

Vodafone, MEO, NOS and NOWO on fixed Internet and TV? Vote here in the poll

Vodafone, MEO, NOWO, NOS best fixed and NET operator

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NOS was the company that won the operator of the year EBox (voted by EBox readers). However, until that moment, when the subject was fixed internet and television, Vodafone and MEO had more margin of satisfaction.

NOWO, on the other hand, continues to have a market that is seriously inferior to its competitors, however, winning over users all over the country. The satisfaction index made in previous surveys is considerable.

Choosing an operator is not easy

Vodafone MEO, NOS, NOWO

Choosing a new operator is not simple. That is why we do these polls repeatedly. We want to know how your satisfaction with operators is going and if any more stand out.

We have already helped many users to choose new operators and we will only reach more with your vote in the poll above.

In short, let us hope that it is a balanced battle. It will be a way to be sure that the market is well divided and that satisfaction exists in all operators.

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