Vodafone launches ‘Curve’ GPS locator in UK

Vodafone Curve

Vodafone officially launched in UK its first equipment from the new family of smart products Vodafone Smart Tech – the Curve.

It is a GPS locator, which promises to adapt to the needs of each client. With it attached to suitcases, vehicles, keys or pets, you will never lose track of them again.

Vodafone Curve

This will work in conjunction with the Vodafone Smart app, available for Android and iOS. Allows you to define a safe location or address, to receive notifications whenever it leaves.

Its design is very minimalist, and is available in black and gray. It has a height of 16.4mm, width of 42.1mm and a weight of 30 grams. So it’s portable to take anywhere.

It also has IP67 waterproof resistance, allowing it to be up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. In the absence of a GPS signal, you can use WiFi or a mobile network to send the location. It has a Vodafone Smart SIM built in. Battery promises up to 7 days of autonomy.

Vodafone Curve

Vodafone ‘Curve’ costs € 49.90, but requires a subscription

The Curve has a cost of 49.90 € on the official website of Vodafone UK. However, you need a subscription to Vodafone Smart SIM to work. This costs € 3 / month or € 29.90 a year.

Vodafone says that the subscription is necessary for the equipment to have access to the operator’s global network. So you can use it in more than 90 countries, and cancel that subscription whenever you want.

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