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Vodafone Celebrates Christmas with Mobile Data, Calls, SMS and More

Vodafone Celebrates Christmas with Mobile Data, Calls, SMS and More

Another Christmas season is approaching and Vodafone will again offer its customers some special offers. Once again, the carrier has unique gifts for you and to send to a known / family member.

Of all Vodafone offerings, the focus is of course on the offer of mobile internet or free calls. Although many tariffs already include it, it is always good to have a little more ceiling available.

Vodafone gifts for you

  • 10GB mobile data
  • 1000 minutes for calls or SMS or MMS
  • 30 minutes for international calls
  • 5 exclusive shakes Yorn
  • 25% off Vodafone IoT products
  • 3 Months Free Apple Music for Infinity Customers

Gifts to send to a friend

  • 5GB mobile data
  • 500 minutes for calls or SMS or MMS
  • 3 months free Apple Music (except Yorn customers)
  • 3 exclusive shakes Yorn

Note that you can only choose one option from each list. That is, if you choose 10GB of mobile data you will not be able to access 1000 minutes / SMS / MMS and vice versa.

In either case, if you are interested in any of these offers, you will need to activate it by December 18. The first list offers will be active between December 20th and January 1st. Your friends will be able to enjoy your gifts between December 26th and January 1st.

How to enable offers

In order for you to choose the ideal gift for yourself or a friend, you must do so through the My Vodafone app. This app is available for Android and iOS. If you don't have it installed yet, it's time to do it.

My Vodafone App for Android

My Vodafone App for iOS

Once the application is installed and authenticated, you should go to Christmas offers. Then you can enter "Offers for you"or"Offers to give"depending on what you want.

In the first case it will be enough to select the offer you present and click on "Choose". Later you will receive a message when the service is active. In order to offer something, you will first have to refer to the number of the person to send the gift to. That done, you just have to choose what you want to send.

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