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Vivo is preparing to face OnePlus with a new operating system!

Vivo is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in Asia, especially in the largest market in the world, China. However, over the years it has always presented some difficulties in getting to penetrate the various global markets. Now, everything can change with the arrival of a new operating system.

According to the recognized Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, the manufacturer is already finalizing the development of a new interface, Origin OS. Destined to replace the current Funtouch OS, it is believed to be launched later this year with the new Vivo X60.

OS 厂 新 系统 Origin OS , 提升 蛮 大 的 , 该 有的 都有 了 , 有望 跻身 安卓 定制 UI 第一 梯队。

– Digital Chat Station (@StationChat) October 26, 2020

There is still no concrete information about the improvements that this new interface will bring to Vivo smartphones, but everything points to a cleaner and more fluid strategy. Little by little, manufacturers are beginning to realize that users are looking for a “purer” experience as possible.

Vivo should bet on a strategy similar to OnePlus with OxygenOS

Over the years, OnePlus continues to stand out and win new fans thanks to its OxygenOS interface. In addition to offering an extremely clean Android experience, they can always optimize their performance to the specifications of their smartphones. Furthermore, they are constantly able to implement new, very useful features that end up being exclusive to their smartphones.

It is true that we do not yet know concrete information about Vivo’s new Origin OS, but it is very likely that they will try an approach similar to that of its rival. Increasingly, it has become clear that users value the pure experience of the Android operating system, with the highest priority being the fluidity and high performance of their smartphones.

After these basic requirements are guaranteed, users are always looking for some exclusive features that can take their user experience to a higher level. this will certainly be one of Vivo’s priorities.

I recall that Vivo was the first manufacturer (besides Google) to launch a smartphone with Android 11 from the factory on the market. So it is to be hoped that this new interface will make it even easier to update your smartphones to new versions of Android.

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