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View examples of Xiaomi Mi 9 48MP camera photography

I feel that in recent days I only write about the Xiaomi Mi 9. However, this is an important smartphone that personally catches my eye. The new smartphone from the Chinese company has already been officially unveiled by the brand CEO, although it had not been truly presented.

Today we have pictures taken with the Xiaomi Mi 9's 48MP camera. It is believed that this smartphone will bring the sensor from Sony. Contrary to what happened with the Redmi Note 7 which gives us 48MP but Samsung sensor.

View examples of Xiaomi Mi 9 48MP camera photography

The slight difference in sensors may be enough to give us higher quality at the top of the Asian company. Today we have images taken with the triple camera smartphone brand and convincing.

Photographs taken with the Xiaomi Mi 9 convince!

Although all the photographs we can see were taken in good light, night performance is believed to be identical in quality.

In the images you can see below do not be fooled. The quality is fantastic. At least when it comes to definition when zoomed. The detail of the images is impressive and the Xiaomi Mi 9 will be by far the best smartphone of the brand for photography.

kXW8yXgWLe-34gYSZG0NZEYsgjGFLOisFDtRmOkKRW880qgWVitoY5bem3cqFxbxdYlX0aXGIQx91X8xGc2vRIvsPwtN74EKpZEDoMNbKbrM_Z9_NS__npu5_e8ebDSzAeKmT_h5zw W2400 = "height =" 900 "src =" https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/kXW8yXgWLe-34gYSZG0NZEYsgjGFLOisFDtRmOkKRW880qgWVitoY5bem3cqFxbxdYlX0aXGIQx91X8xGc2vRIvsPwtN74EKpZEDoMNbKbrM_Z9_NS__npu5_e8ebDSzAeKmT_h5zw=w2400 "width =" 1200 "/></span></p>
<p><span class=0kli0i4CtH_MCYHaus4Vwh_XmbZhHgw8Yi-_dcsMb1N_YgYfcQe7kfYznA9AIO-hRcvZurIXjdBPWDyKI-xo12gjzWQVK48W1YpCA5gdOvsEGJWTCf71798iswiyAqdhj5QtFm9RNQ W2400 = "height =" 900 "src =" https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0kli0i4CtH_MCYHaus4Vwh_XmbZhHgw8Yi-_dcsMb1N_YgYfcQe7kfYznA9AIO-hRcvZurIXjdBPWDyKI-xo12gjzWQVK48W1YpCA5gdOvsEGJWTCf71798iswiyAqdhj5QtFm9RNQ=w2400 "width =" 1200 "/></span></p>
<p><span class=pjv2Czde9CS12kwFDkP9h7LAS991hZ58HHNHeWDUKcP8F0XfaLgUSmntpzj2L7aPnmEqi-f5OPFOevWilDINiGbWD00S6JreNCtly3bw5Mtk67OzdreMr7VWz4yQO_D277EKmSmpgw W2400 = "height =" 1200 "src =" https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pjv2Czde9CS12kwFDkP9h7LAS991hZ58HHNHeWDUKcP8F0XfaLgUSmntpzj2L7aPnmEqi-f5OPFOevWilDINiGbWD00S6JreNCtly3bw5Mtk67OzdreMr7VWz4yQO_D277EKmSmpgw=w2400 "width =" 1200 "/></span>In summary, by magnifying the images taken with the Xiaomi Mi 9 we can see that the level of detail is impressive. This is where the 48MP makes sense. Even when viewing on a 5K screen I can guarantee that they will impress.</p>
<p>As I mentioned, the only thing we need to know is its quality in low light situations. I sincerely want to be impressed by the Xiaomi Mi 9. It is one of the equipment that has been catching my attention.</p>
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