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Mi Store UK is unstoppable. 8th official Xiaomi store has been confirmed!

After opening the first official Xiaomi store nationwide in June last year, Mi Store UK continues...

Windows 10 Creators Update Now Available via Update Tool

Windows 10 was unveiled in September 2014 and has left many people flea-flung for the future....

LG V40 ThinQ will bring a total of 5 cameras to the Android market.

Currently featuring two lines of high-end Android smartphones, LG will soon introduce a new LG V40...

Tinder learns how to evade Google Play Store payments

Tinder seems to have been able to do what many apps wanted to do by being...

Video shows what Windows 10 would look like if it were designed by Apple! (simply amazing)

Apple and Microsoft are serious competitors for years. Since the time of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, companies have struggled to have the best operating system, and it still is today.

While Apple won the fight from smartphones to Microsoft, Microsoft won the fight from PCs. Only Apple computers don’t have Windows inside.

Imagine that Apple had designed Windows 10

This graphic artist went a little further. Kamer Kaan Avdan, the artist behind this creation, envisioned Windows 10 as we know it and Apple’s lines and patterns on MacOS.

A simply fantastic junction. We see all the features we love so much about Windows 10 with a more minimalist design and care from Apple. If the two companies came together to make software, it had to be the result.

Apple Mac Windows 10 Microsoft

As a fan of Apple’s MacOS system, I have to admit that sometimes I feel the need to have the possibilities of Windows 10 computers on my computer.

However, I also know who has Windows 10 and would like to have the design that MacOS offers. Both in terms of simplicity and in the tones chosen.

Video may be an inspiration to Apple and Microsoft

Apple Mac Windows 10 Microsoft

I wish Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, watched this video. Or the people responsible for the design and functionality of their operating systems.

This graphic artist has just shown an operating system that is making the world talk. An example of this is the video you can see above is only 3 days old and has over 288,000 views on Youtube. The comments are mostly positive and many even say that this video is a strong inspiration for the Linux system.

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Kratos will sneak into the Fortnite universe very soon

Kratos will sneak into the Fortnite universe very soon Images Youtube Videos

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