Home Google Video shows the successor to Google Home! (Nest Home speaker)

Video shows the successor to Google Home! (Nest Home speaker)

Video shows the successor to Google Home! (Nest Home speaker)

Google Home was discontinued a few months ago. In fact, it was expected that Google would quickly reveal its successor, however, this did not happen.

However, it seems that we are closer to meeting the next Google Home. A gadget that will be called Nest Home speaker. This name change comes after Google starts opting for the “nest” sub-brand for all smart home products.

Video of the new Google Home – Nest Home speaker

Together with the video we have a clearer picture of what the new Google Nest Home Speaker will look like. Seriously different from the predecessor. Apparently it will have a fabric construction. Something that will follow Google Nest Mini's design ideology a little.

The video also shows us that the new Nest Home Speaker will have several colors. The ones we are almost sure of will be white, blue and pink. Still, it is very likely that more models will hit the market.

UK should not pass by

Google Home, Nest Home speaker

Although UK is not Google's preferred market, we are almost sure that this gadget will reach UK's territory. However, the interaction of gagdet with a language other than UK's remains much simpler.

We still don't know the official release date, however, after this information, it seems that everything is ready for the official revelation.

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