Video shows hilarious bugs in the game Days Gone

Video shows hilarious bugs in the game Days Gone

Days Gone is a title with a post-apocalyptic theme with mixed zombies. The game has a fantastic visual presentation and a large map however it is gathering negative feedback from most players and community Youtubers.

One platform user has decided to compile just 2 minutes where he demonstrates some flaws in the game mechanics and many, many bugs. This always results in hilarious situations that are worth seeing.

In the video we see characters and elements appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. We also have examples of the terrible artificial intelligence of the enemies that cannot detect the player after he is in front of him.

I believe the bug issue can be resolved with patches and software updates. Even so, studios should know better than to launch a game with such tremendous errors.

What's up with Days Gone besides the bugs?

Firstly, it is important to note that Days Gone is a game with potential. It's an open world title with a zombie theme. However there are titles like Dying Light that have superior execution.

Days Gone seems to put some focus on history too and in this field we have to give due credit. The story seems catchy and the actors lending their voices to the characters do a great job.

days gone wolf

The point is that when we remove the layer from the visual presentation, Days Gone has little to offer. Human opponents or zombies do not appear to be very intelligent, which does not provide much challenge to the player.

This would have been an excellent opportunity to explore a mechanics where zombies are smart and learn, making the gameplay harder but much more interesting. Instead, enemies simply 'fall' on the player without strategy or method.

There is a weapon crafting system that adds value to the survival element. However, you can explore buildings and find weapons in it, which is a bit redundant.

days gone ps4

Another element that the community finds unpleasant is the main character's motorcycle. It requires constant maintenance and gasoline.

I understand the intention, add realism to the game. But having to put fuel for the player to move around is not a real life element that we usually want to see in a game. Hunting and food mechanics or resistance would have been more pertinent.

I emphasize that you should still play the game yourself to decide whether you like it or not. While most of the feedback is negative, there are those who find positives in the game. However, there are already superior alternatives to this type of game.

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