ViaMichelin: fantastic app for travel planning!

ViaMichelin: fantastic app for travel planning!

ViaMichelin is a pearl for those who want to plan their trips in detail. You can know in advance how much you will pay for tolls, fuel, restaurants and even hotels. It has detailed maps, traffic alerts and landmarks, as well as suggestions on what to do, see, and eat based on your location.

In itself, it brings together functions similar to Waze and Google Maps, going further. You can let your fellow travelers know how much you will have to pay for fuel and tolls if you want to split costs, and your forecasts are right.

In practice, it uses hard data such as car model, updated fuel price and even tire type.

The many features of ViaMichelin

Covering a wide range of areas, this platform can cover virtually every need associated with a trip, namely:

  • Navigation service with multiple display options – Satellite, Michelin Maps and Simple
  • Real-time traffic alerts and traffic disruptions
  • User community-based alerts, works, accidents, or traffic alerts
  • Voice guidance, step-by-step and 3D model presentation
  • You can refine suggestions and predictions by providing data about your vehicle.
  • Presentation of total travel cost, including fuel and tolls
  • Number and passenger cost breakdown suggestion
  • Planning for motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or walking routes
  • You can book a hotel directly
  • You can rent a car
  • Indication of tourist points of interest along the route
  • Indication of the main restaurants along the route
  • Weather Information

You can share travel costs

If you are traveling with friends and want to share toll and fuel costs, ViaMichelin can calculate the exact figures involved. For this, in addition to the distance of the route, the service takes into consideration the type of vehicle used, its specificities and even the type of tires. However, this forces the user to a detailed initial setup.

Detailed Costs
Detailed Web version costs for example Porto – Lisbon travel

With this overview we can warn other travelers in advance. This way, each one will know how much they will have to contribute, from one to five people. In addition, the service tells us exactly the costs of tolls, fuel, among other factors. Now this is precisely the trump card of ViaMichelin, the detailed information on travel costs.

First you have to configure ViaMichelin

For an accurate calculation of tolls and costs associated with travel, you need to create an account or user profile. Then you can fill in your vehicle information to assist the platform with calculations and fuel consumption.

1. Download the app to your device Android, or iOS. Now opens the app, accepts the terms and conditions of the service and also activates GPS location. You can also use the version Web.

Via Michelin login
Login can be done via Facebook

2. You now need to create a user account in order to take advantage of the route planner. This step can be done manually, or using your Facebook profile. There are several optional fields that you may or may not fill in.

3. Now we can plan the route and then, in addition to the starting and finishing point we can also choose intermediate stops. Similarly, it is possible to specify the make, model, engine, year, fuel type, vehicle mileage and tires used. Information that will be used to calculate the cost of travel.

route options

4. Set the route options if you want to have traffic information, avoid tolls, or other parameters.

5. Set the starting point, arrival point and, if desired, some intermediate stops (recommended for long trips).

map example

6. Tap "Start" to start voice assisted navigation. Then we also have the speed limits, as well as the option to report an incident (accident, traffic jam, danger, road works).

ViaMichelin gives us more information about the destination

When you arrive at a new city, or unknown destination, you have a lot of useful information. Since accidents occur, road works, cut traffic, or slow traffic. Something that is pictured in the image below, with green signifying normal traffic.

Web version

Upon arrival, we also have the option of creating a separate itinerary, for example on foot. We can also bookmark a destination, share the route on social networks, or get more information about where we are. For more details of the various categories, zoom in or click on the magnifying glass symbol.

See Restaurants, Hotels, Sights and Weather

ViaMichelin gives you hotel information now, with the possibility of booking accommodation. You can also find the Michelin restaurants, plus tourist points of interest and fueling points.

The service also tells us where we can rent a car, among other means of local transport. We also have the weather information for the place where we are.

It's a great travel planner

ViaMichelin can gather a large number of information directly related to the route, as well as other contextual information. That is, in addition to a navigation service, it helps you explore a new city while also avoiding unforeseen events.

However, we note that some points of your mobile app do not have a perfect UK’s translation. In any case, its functions are available in UK and are free to use.

We also recommend combining the Web version in pre-trip planning with the app being the portable solution, but be careful to avoid distractions while driving. As intuitive as the navigation interface is, watch out for the road.

Finally, we remind you that there are other navigation solutions, equally free. If you want to know more see our comparison of the functions of the Google Maps vs Waze.

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