Vertu Constellation: the complete review 2020

    Vertu Constellation: the complete test

    A smartphone over 4,000 euros? Only Vertu can display this price level. Launched by Nokia in 1998, the brand has always been focused on the design of luxury models. Now owned by an investment fund, she is based in England where she has her products assembled by hand by craftsmen. An exception in the world of telephony.

    This European workforce, much more expensive than the Chinese one, does not justify the high prices charged by Vertu. The brand's smartphones use noble and even precious materials. Quite “affordable” for the Vertu range, this new Constellation is content with leather and metal. With an absolutely perfect assembly, it was the least of things.

    A phone that does not seek discretion

    A guarantee of its quality and robustness, the Constellation is not featherweight since it exceeds 240 grams. Thick of a centimeter, it is not the thinnest model on the market either. These characteristics are absolutely not due to technical constraints: even if its battery offers a high capacity of 3320 mAh, this is not enough to justify such a thickness. Moreover, the Galaxy S7 Edge, of an identical format and endowed with a battery of 3600 mAh, weighs only 157 grams for a thickness of 7.7 mm. So we are good, with the Constellation, facing a bias that takes Vertu in design.

    Equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor present on many high-end smartphones in 2016 (and unfortunately a little too greedy in energy), the Vertu does not deliver a shock autonomy: only 7.55 hours in versatile use. However, this result counts, for the SD 820, among the best, with that of the Xiaomi Mi5 which reached 8h40). The Constellation, on the other hand, does much better in video (3:36 p.m.) and communications (24:24).
    The display quality is there thanks to the use of Amoled technology, in bright colors and absolute contrast. Even if the brightness of the slab is nothing exceptional (358 cd / m²), this techno will ensure good readability conditions, including in the sun. The 5.5 inch screen also offers a Quad HD definition which ensures a very high resolution. The Amoled panel obviously catches up with its infinite contrast which offsets this fairly average brightness.

    A smartphone ready for all uses

    With the integration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz and coupled with 4 GB of RAM, the Constellation is ready for all types of use.

    With its Adreno 530 graphics chip, the smartphone displays up to 59 images per second, with contained heating and without degrading performance, in the 3D review carried out with the Epic Citadel application. Or the possibility to play any 3D game, including the most sophisticated, without constraint. The device also offers 128 GB of storage (for 103 GB free), expandable by microSD card.

    In trouble on the photo

    We are, however, disappointed with the photo quality that we hoped for much better. In high brightness, the result is good without rising to the level of the best models on the market, Galaxy S and iPhone in mind. But it is especially in low light that the shoe pinches. In video, we regret the lack of effectiveness of the stabilizer, especially since the fluidity is there.

    Finally, it's difficult to talk about Vertu without mentioning its very exclusive concierge services. The Vertu Life app offers, for example, “good deals” for which you will have to spend a lot of money but which will clearly make you stand out, such as the VIP package for the Superbowl at almost $ 9,000. Tariffs up to the positioning of the brand.


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