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Vanish Mode, Instagram messages that self-destruct

Messages that disappear when viewed

You may not like the integration between the different Facebook messaging platforms at all, but it must be recognized that thanks to this it is much easier to implement different novelties. The latest to reach both Instagram and Facebook Messenger is the so-called “Vanish Mode.”

This, to understand each other easily and quickly, is neither more nor less than the possibility to send ephemeral messages or messages that have the ability to self-delete once the recipient has viewed them. That is, if the person who is chatting with you activates the mode and you receive a message from him, as soon as you read it, the message is only deleted and it will no longer exist.

Or almost, because although it is raised with the idea of ​​improving the level of privacy at a certain point (avoiding leaving a written record) that does not mean that a priori it is still possible to take a screenshot. However, this is the hour of history that each one will have to value.

Here the important thing is that it is an extra novelty that can be interesting for all those users who have the habit of deleting their own messages, both for themselves and for the person to whom they are sent.

This new feature is of course not invented by Facebook. As we have seen months ago with the arrival of Reels as a way to stand up to TikTok within Instagram, this is something that Snapchat already introduced in the beginning and made it gain a lot of popularity among users who discovered the app.

So now that you know what exactly the new «Vanish Mode» Instagram and Facebook Messenger, let’s see how they work and how they are activated.

How to use ephemeral messages on Instagram and Facebook Messenger

The operation of the new ephemeral messages of Instagram and Facebook Messenger, or “Vanish Mode”, is very simple. When we open a conversation with a person or group of people, this function can be activated or deactivated in the configuration of said chat. Another way to enter this setting is by sliding your finger up in a chat window. When the option appears, you activate or deactivate it as you want and that’s it. From that moment on, all the messages you send will be deleted shortly after being read by the person or persons to whom they were addressed.

This new option is being deployed to all users from now on. That means you may already have it active or have to wait a bit. But the important thing is that you are already clear about what they are, how they work and the possible uses that you could give it in each and every one of those conversations where what you write you do not want to be recorded forever.


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