uTorrent: Security flaw discovered that allows access to your PC

uTorrent: Security flaw discovered that allows access to your PC
UTorrent is vulnerable.

The security of our data and our privacy are topics that are still news. No one wants sensitive data or even their privacy to be exposed arbitrarily in this endless world of the Internet. So if you are a user of the uTorrent app you should be aware of today's news.

UTorrent is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients in the world. It is through clients like this that you can download content (legally, of course) made available via torrent. This client has an application that you can easily install on your PC as well as a web based version.

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But the discovery made by a member of the security team of the Google Project Zero Brings this client to the theme of the day for the worst reasons. Tavis Ormandy has announced the discovery of various weaknesses in uTorrent that allow malicious users to take control of your PC. In addition, they may still run code without your realizing it.

Any version of uTorrent is vulnerable by port 10000 of the RPC server. It is through hidden commands on malicious websites that everything triggers. Anyone on the other side will be able to guide you to infected websites. From here, the miscreants will be able to enter your PC and still steal your personal information.

uTorrent is vulnerable on all its platforms

According to Ormandy, this vulnerability redirects an untrusted server to the IP address of the computer running the vulnerable application. This allows JavaScript code hosted on malicious websites to bridge your local network, thus circumventing the SOP policy.

Although all versions of uTorrent are vulnerable, it is the most fragile web version. This is where miscreants can download files to your computer and even change their destination folder. This will allow them to host harmful files anywhere on your PC. Even in the Windows startup folder.

The discovery of this vulnerability dates from November 27. At the time, the company responsible for uTorrent was notified of the matter. Now, with the public knowledge of it, the company has come to say that such fragility is already resolved.

Therefore, the company advises all its users to download the latest beta. Whether for the desktop version or the web version. If for some reason you are unable to install this version, it is best to stop using uTorrent until you can upgrade it.

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