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Podcast 167: Xiaomi, Motorola, iPhone will be the focus of another podcast

Monday is EBox Podcast Day. Once again, at the end of a new week, we will...

Apple iPhone 13 red in images and video with two changes

The past week has been rife with rumors and leaks about the alleged design of the...

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 proves flawless in endurance test

Black Shark 2 is the latest lineage member who wants to please mobile players who don't...

Making money with Instagram live is getting closer and closer

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Users give Apple TV + content positive reviews, unlike critics

The Apple TV + content subscription service has been available for a few days now and the first opinions of users have already started to flood Twitter. Comments are for the 3 main programs released with the service: The Morning show, SEE and Dickinson.

For All Mankind

For All Mankind raises a pertinent question: What if the Russians had landed on the moon first? This is the premise of the series, which puts us watching a NASA team as they do their best to lift the first American to the moon.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show tells the story of Alex Levy (Jennifer Anniston), a newscaster who sees her life turning around when her partner Mitch (Steve Carell) gets involved in a sex scandal. At the same time, Levy will have to deal with Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), a spirited new reporter.

The drama series is gathering positive reviews from users who claim to have seen the first 3 episodes and are quite curious to see more. It's not easy at all to make a show successful at first, but The Morning Show seems to be on the right track.


This is the series that brought the most attention to Apple TV + service for two reasons: Jason Momoa and his post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Reactions were mixed with SEE and some media compared the series to Game of Thrones.

An unfair comparison from the users' point of view that both series are completely different and no comparison is possible. The truth is that the trend to compare fantasy series to Game of Thrones will continue for years to come.

#AppleTVPlus is officially out today and #See is getting some pretty bad reviews. Saw the 1st episode and I REALLY enjoyed it. It reportedly has a budget of $ 15 million per episode and it shows. People seem to dislike how it's not the next Game of Thrones. Why does it have to be? pic.twitter.com/1pAsKXQTw0

– TheNiceCast (@TheNiceCast_) November 1, 2019

Critics razed all series

According to Time, TVLine, Slate and Metacritic, the top three Apple TV + series are terrible. From 1 to 100, SEE received the lowest score of 38 and a "not worth seeing" as the final verdict.

The truth is, after all, whether or not you like a show is subjective. The best way to know if the Apple TV + series is good or not is to see for ourselves. The service has a 7-day trial period, with a subsequent monthly value of € 4.99.

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