We recently asked our readers the question: would they use a folding cell phone? It is clear that the first answer that comes to mind is the high price of this type of equipment. In this way, we ask our readers to ignore the price and tell us if they would use a collapsible.


For most, it depends on the phone model (39%)

Despite being a recent equipment format, foldable mobile phones offer some variety. On the part of Samsung, we have the Galaxy Fold and Flip Z, both devices that fold inwards, with flexible screens and a smaller screen outside. In the case of Flip Z, we only have a small screen for hours and notifications.

In the case of Huawei, we have Mate X and the new Mate Xs, which have folds out. Some argue that this is the most appealing design, as the equipment closes completely and leaves no “opening” in the fold, looking more solid. In addition, Mate Xs offers a full-sized screen when closed, unlike the smaller screen of the Galaxy Fold.

Some people consider the format impractical (34%) or practical (27%)

In addition, 34% of our readers consider that the shape of the folders is not practical, probably opting to keep with a mobile phone of “traditional” design. It is an understandable position, since they are equipment with a format that is still somewhat experimental.

The remaining 27% consider it a useful format. Therefore, we have some readers who would probably place the bet and buy a foldable cell phone, risking this new format.

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