Use Instagram as eBay, so young people turn to the social network

Use Instagram as eBay, so young people turn to the social network

Instagram Shopping: selling through Instagram

Instagram eBayThe use of Instagram as a sales platform is nothing new. What’s more, in 2016 Instagram itself introduced Instagram Shopping, a functionality that allows you to sell through the social network. Of course, this is an option designed for companies.

So, if you want to sell through Instagram Shopping, you must meet several requirements. The first and basic is to have a company profile, from there:

  • Have the latest version of Instagram
  • Fan Page on Facebook and integrated catalog on the page
  • 9 minimum publications
  • Web where physical products are sold

If you meet these requirements, you can start selling on the social network. And given how the number of profiles that publish with sales links increases, the truth is that it should work very well. Something that is not surprising either.

Why Instagram traffic and use continues to grow Importantly despite criticism. The problem is a particular user cannot access this option. And, for example, for something like linking to your work on external pages you must meet other requirements such as having more than 10k followers.

Therefore, beyond showing your work in your feed, what could you do to sell? Well, there are those who have found the solution: I turned Instagram into a kind of eBay.

The new eBay for young people is Instagram

Instagram auction

What is happening with Instagram is nothing new. There have always been users who can turn a product, application or service to find new ways of using different from the original ones. Some examples of this are the use of Google Drive as if it were a Plex or Excel server as an application to create art and not just spreadsheets.

Well now, one of the latest examples of this is related to Instagram. There are users who are using the social network in a similar way to eBay. That is, creating auctions through publications.

In each publication, the photo or photos published serve to show the product you want to sell. In the text of this publication, the data related to the days in which it will be in force, the starting price and the cost of shipping costs are given, if any.

From there, comments are used as bids. And once the deadline is met, the user with the highest bid wins and has a stipulated time to claim the purchase. Confirmed interest is when seller and buyer agree through private messages.

Works? Yes, logically having a good user base makes it easier to reach more people, but there are already many profiles that are generating income with this practice. Some examples: @funkyythrifts or @ happyy.thrifts.

Honestly, it is great to see this kind of turns regarding the use or way to take advantage of the platforms that surround us every day. In addition to being a clear demonstration of how young people have the most capacity to turn around new technologies.


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