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US opens cinema screen with sidewalls!

US opens cinema screen with sidewalls!

Opens next December 19 at 18: 45h in Norte Shopping a new movie theater that will give you talk. This is because the room will have the particularity of having a screen that extends to the side walls.

With a 270 ° screen, watching a movie on this type of screen should be at least different. The first "ScreenX" movie theater, named after the technology, is guaranteed to be different enough to have a visit.

Movie viewing is the big question

I haven't seen much criticism of the possible quality of viewing in such a room. From what I understand, everyone waits to sit in the armchair and realize whether or not the new technology wins.

Unlike IMAX or 4DX rooms, this technology will directly influence the way we look at the movie. That is, the movie will be "dragged" to the sides. The center will be the main focus of the spectators eyes.

Cinema screen side walls

However, not all movies give us scenarios where the main information is in the center of the screen. Does this mean we have to move our heads from side to side to figure out what's going on in the movie? Or will movies be handpicked for viewing in this format?

I traded this 270º screen for more comfort

Everyman Leeds
Everyman Cinema – Leeds (UK)

It was at EveryMan Cinema (Leeds) in the UK that I discovered what it was like to see a movie comfortably. Viewers had no armchairs with holes for Coke and popcorn.

Instead you had a two-person sofa with a comfortable blanket and cushions and a "wine sleeve" on the small side table. This table can be used to eat your pizza, nachos or snacks more worked than mere popcorn. The drinks weren't just soft drinks and you had a choice of wines, champagne or even cocktails.

Everyman Cinema - Leeds (UK)
Everyman Cinema – Leeds (UK)

The screen was not super bright, nor was the quality IMAX. But I traded it all for the comfort of watching a snug movie. And this format was not a premium room, all 5 rooms were like this. In short, is the tip to NOS or any other company that invests in the cinema.

I like (liked) going to the movies not only to see the movies in "big", but to have a good evening (and comfortable) with people I liked and with a movie that caught my attention.

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