US blocks Wap Billing services that led to fraud. MEO admits to doing the same

US blocks Wap Billing services that led to fraud. MEO admits to doing the same

NOS announced on Tuesday that it has ended with the possibility of its customers activating or subscribing to Wap Billing services. The measure has already started to protect customers and increase the transparency of services.

According to ANACOM’s website, Wap Billing “is a mechanism that allows consumers to purchase content from WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) pages, which are charged directly to the Internet access service bill or discounted in the balance (in the case of prepaid) ”.

The problem with this type of service is that it often results in improper charges to customers. This is because they subscribe to a game, astrology or adult service, without confirming ‘the small print’.

The move came after several episodes of fraud by NOS “third parties who harmed customers”. The company admits that it reacted “always by deactivating fraudulent subscriptions and returning unduly charged amounts to its customers”.

NOS is the first operator in UK to move forward with

NOS is thus the first operator in UK to take this step, which applies to new members. That is, customers who already had Wap Billing services subscribed will continue to have them available.

The company led by Miguel Almeida thus makes a decision that promises to be followed by competitors. According to the Jornal de Negócios, MEO has already admitted following NOS in this practice.

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