Urbvan: UK’s-co-founded private transport company that made $ 9 million

Urbvan: Portuguese-co-founded private transport company that made $ 9 million

Urbvan is a private transportation company whose services are based in Mexico. The company was founded by UK’s João Matos Albino and Renato Picard, after working at Chariot, a similar company owned by Ford.

Recently, Urbvan has secured funding of $ 9 million which will allow the company to expand its service to more Mexican cities like Guadalajara. If the deal goes well, Urbvan could even reach the United States.

Currently, the service already has 180 vans in its fleet and more than 15 thousand monthly users.

How Urbvan Works

As its name implies, this company specializes in private transportation via 'urban vans' or urban vans. Unlike Uber, which transports its customers mostly in light cars, Urbvan has a van service to transport more people and be more efficient.

An Urbvan customer pays about $ 3 per travel ticket. However, there are monthly pass options ranging from $ 100 to $ 130. The vans are equipped with Wi-Fi and have security cameras.

The service was inspired by Shuttl

Shuttl is a similar service operating in India, a country with a fairly large traffic flow. Albino paid a visit to India to better understand how Shuttl works and then apply the knowledge gained in Urbvan.

"Each city is different and we need to adapt. Markets like the Indian are massive, much more than the Latin American market," said Albino.

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